State of Decay 2: How to Repair Weapons and Best Weapons

You have just purchased State of Decay 2 and you want to start killing zombies in the most violent way possible? You've come to the right place, as the new installment of the survival horror series by Microsoft Studio offers a wide range of weapons to choose from to slaughter the monsters that appear before you. So we offer you this guide to find out everything you need to know about weapons, where to find them, how to repair them and all kinds of weapons in your adventure.

State of Decay 2 All you need to know about weapons

As we mentioned, knowing where to find and how to find weapons will be the key to your survival in State of Decay 2 . First, keep in mind that as in any game that you respect our character will never be completely unarmed. Wherever you are on the map, regardless of whether your character is hurt, slightly or not, or what objects you have with you at that time, you will always have a small knife to defend yourself. You can use this knife to defend yourself against zombies but it won't be particularly efficient and you'll need more powerful hand-to-hand weapons and firearms if you want to face hordes of enemies.

To face hordes of zombies you will need weapons ready to use

You'll find hand-to-hand weapons such as baseball bats, iron pipes, swords and anything else by opening any crate or container you find while exploring the map. Always pay attention to the state of your weapon: hand-to-hand weapons don't last forever, but every time you hit a zombie with it it will be damaged, until it breaks and becomes unusable after a certain number of blows inflicted.

When your weapon will be critically damaged, it will appear in yellow in the lower right part of the screen. This means that if you use that weapon again there is a high risk that it might break. The best option in this case, if you want to keep that weapon, is to move it into your backpack and change it to another one, or use it until it is permanently broken. Keep in mind that even if you break a weapon by mistake there is still a chance to repair it, so don't despair.

How to repair weapons once damaged

As already mentioned, in State of Decay 2 you will have the opportunity to repair and regenerate any type of weapon. It's a good idea to repair them before they reach the critical point, so you can always have them available and ready to use. Legs on your back, then, and set course for your base camp before launching into the unknown again.

To repair the weapons, whatever they are, you'll need to build a lab inside your base camp. To do this, approach a plot of land not occupied by any structure, spend three building materials, making sure you have at least one person who can work on the construction, and send the command.

Once the laboratory has been built, you will then be able to repair weapons in any state, whether they have been used once or not, whether they have already been broken and are therefore no longer usable in combat. The number of resources you will need to repair them is not constant and will vary depending on how damaged your weapon is. So keep in mind whether it's worth repairing a completely destroyed weapon: you may find a much better one during your expeditions.

Where to find the best weapons in State of Decay 2

One of the funniest things about it State of Decay 2 is definitely wandering the world to find the most powerful and shiny weapons you can use, and variety will certainly not lack. Where to find them is random and in the same places from the same crates you will never get the same things. The only thing you'll be able to do is to observe the type of building that you will see before you and, from that, understand what kind of weapons you will find. For example, in a weapons store you will find ordinary weapons, while in a military checkpoint you will find much more powerful weapons. In areas such as bookstores, however, finding weapons will be much rarer.

To help you understand which weapons to keep and which not, we have drawn up a list of the 5 best weapons you can find. There is no rule, just consider this a piece of advice!

Grenade launcher: BML-40

Assault rifles like the M4, if you play other shooters or FPS like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, you know how deadly they are as weapons, and State of Decay 2 that's no exception. Assault rifles are formidable from both long and short range, and the ability to use them in automatic mode will help you decimate even hordes of zombies. As for the M4X1 DMR Heavy, its potential will only be unlocked once a silencer is applied. You'll be able to make your way in this post-apocalyptic mode without making noise and with a damn powerful weapon.

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