State of Decay 2 : How to Play in Multiplayer Online

The multiplayer of State of Decay 2 is absolutely optional and you won't have to connect at any time of your adventure. However, playing together with other people, be they your friends or players you've met online, will surely make the experience richer: what's better than killing hordes and hordes of zombies together and helping each other? This guide will explain how to play cooperatively both online and offline and what the benefits of playing multiplayer games will be.

How to play multiplayer in State of Decay 2

Once you have started the game, you will be asked to select your network connection preferences. Don't worry if you choose online or offline: you can change the option at any time during the game by simply opening the menu with the pause button.

There are three different options for playing online in State of Decay 2 .

  • Offline
  • Invitation only
  • Friends only

If you select Offline, the experience will be completely single player, and no one can enter your map to help you. In addition, this means that by clicking the pause button the game will actually be paused, which is crucial to prevent your base camp from being under siege while you are taking a break.

By selecting Invitation Only, you will be able to invite players into your game, allowing you to have complete control over which they can join your adventure.

By selecting Friends Only, anyone on your friendlist can join the game by simply clicking on "Join" as soon as they see you in the game in State of Decay 2 .

How to join an online game in State of Decay 2

These options are about your game. To join another player's adventure requires a different pass. Tap on your dpad and select the "Volunteer" option. Once selected, you will be catapulted into the game of a player who has requested your help.

Once you enter another player's map online, you'll find yourself at his side, no matter where he is on the map. Keep in mind that this means that if the person who requested support is surrounded by a myriad of zombies, you too will find yourself catapulted there in the middle. You will also keep the last character you used with the last equipment and weapons you used. So remember to replenish your ammunition before you launch yourself to help other players.

Hopefully this multiplayer guide will have been helpful. Remember that killing zombies in company is always more fun, don't miss out!

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