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StarTropics it's a dynamic adventure genre video game, a video game developed for Nintendo Entertainment System and released in 1990 in North America and two years later in Europe. Oddly, StarTropics was never marketed in Japan.

The creator of the game is Genyo Takeda, also author of Punch-Out !!. In 1994, the game's sequel was released, titled Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II. The protagonist of the game is Mike Jones, who visits his uncle on C-Island. Mike discovers that the uncle has disappeared and, after having obtained the ok from the relative's assistant, Baboo, sets off in search of the man aboard the submarine of the latter. The submarine is piloted by the NAV-COM robot.
Mike travels through numerous islands of the South Seas and he comes across fantastic creatures, monsters, somewhat bizarre characters, puzzles of all sorts and animals with an out-of-the-ordinary intelligence. Among them, the talking parrot Peter and a dolphin who begs him to find his son. On one of the islands he visits, Mike finds a bottle containing a message from Dr. Jones, in which he reveals that he was abducted by aliens.

Mike, calibrating the NAV-COM detector on Dr. Jones' shoe flare, tracks his uncle in some submerged ruins near the wreck of a alien escape pod. The doctor explains to his nephew that the capsule belongs to the Argonians, an alien race exterminated in turn by the aliens who kidnapped him. StarTropics is atop view adventure: the game is divided into chapters, each of which starts in a different city. Mike must interact with non-player characters in order to gain information and explore a large underground area. Combined with the game there was a piece of parchment-like paper, a sort of relic that could also earn you a decent nest egg, being quite coveted by collectors.

If you don't have the game manual, the frequency for the Sub-C radio is 747 MHz.

If you are deaf, we reveal the solution to Captain Bell's organ puzzle. Jump to the following keys (numbered from right to left):
1, 3, 5, 4, 1, 3.

When you get to the end of level 4, where the robot asks you for a password, enter 747.

The big heart placed before the Big Rock tunnel will appear every time you have to continue, so if you keep dying and continuing the game, you can get an extra heart every time.

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