Stargate - SNES passwords and tricks

Stargate it's a platform game genre published for Super Nintendo da Acclaim Entertainment. The video game, which stars Colonel Jack O'Neil, has also been converted for Sega Mega Drive.

O'Neil is committed to free the slaves of Abydos and defeat Ra. He must also bring his team home using the portal defined precisely as Stargate. The video game is based on the namesake 1994 movie, with the story that broadly follows that of the film, while creating many small parallel stories.
The game begins in the Abydos Desert, shortly after the mission team has landed using the Stargate. Mission that plans to collect some samples and immediately return to Earth. Jack O'Neil has secretly brought a nuclear bomb with him, to be used in case of a threat to seal the gate.

A storm separates O'Neal from the rest of the group and causes the bomb to be lost in the confusion. Attacked by Ra, the team is helped to escape from the inhabitants of Abydos, the Nagadans. O'Neil must therefore find the bomb and other precious objects scattered throughout the playing area. The player owns Colonel Jack O'Neil, who must overcome numerous missions in which it is also necessary to trace people and objects.

Water, Triangle, Foot, Eye, Void, Foot, Water - Fighting Anubus
Door, Beetle, Foot, Water, Void, Door, Eye - Steal alien weapons

Stargate - SNES


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