Star Wars Rebel Assault PC cheats and codes

Star Wars: Rebel Assault is a shooter video game developed and published by the software house LucasArts in 1993.

The video game is based on the famous Star Wars saga, on everyone's lips for the release of the new episode, Force Awakening. Initially released for MS-DOS and later converted for 3DO, Mac OS and Mega CD, Star Wars: Rebel Assault is the first LucasArts title to be released in CD-ROM format only.
In 1995, his sequel was released, entitled Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, which has been a huge success. Rebel Assault consists of 15 levels, some of which reproduce scenes seen in the original films (for example the attack of the AT-AT during the battle of Hoth). The videogame is quite challenging and below you will find the passwords to select the levels and other secret options.



Enter "ORGANA" as a password.

In the Lucas Arts screen press Up, Fire, Down, Fire, Left, Fire, Right, Fire on the joystick. During the game, press + to lower the ship's damage level and - to increase it.

Enter the following passwords in the appropriate screen.

BOSSK - Level 02
ENGRET - Level 03
RALRRA - Level 04
FRIJA - Level 05
LAFRA - Level 06
DERLIN - Level 07
MOTLOK - Level 08
MORAG - Level 09
TANTISS - Level 10
OSWAFL - Level 11
KLAATY - Level 12
IRENEZ - Level 13
LIANNA - Level 14
PAKKA - Level 15
MALANI - Level 16

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