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Star Wars is a video game from 1991, released by Victor Interactive Software in Japan on November 15 and from JVC for North America and Europe at the turn of the end of 1991 and March 1992.

The videogame is based on the homonymous film 1977 film, a film cult still today almost 40 years after its debut, so much so that the seventh episode, the Phantom Menace, has just been released in cinemas. A Game Boy version was also made of Star Wars, developed by NMS Software and published by Capcom in 1992, while the Game Gear version was developed by Tiertex Design Studios and released by US Gold in 1993.
The sequel to the game is titled Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars is a nice video game, quite challenging, full of enemies that you can defeat with some trick around.

To find the hidden energy balls near the Death Star hangar, go to the room where you fight the one-eyed creature in the green liquid. Jump on the third platform, you will see a sphere between the spikes: move towards the wall, which is permeable and will therefore allow you to pass through it. You will see a ladder: climb and walk through the passage, which will lead to another platform that will take you to 3 balls of energy. The fourth sphere is behind the second platform, defended by a Storm Trooper.

In Obi-wan's cave, open your eyes wide to identify a portion of the wall that is different from the others: it is a secret tunnel. Jump to the left in the vent, destroy the Tusken Raider and pick up two 1-ups to the left of the raider.

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