Star Ocean: The Second Story PS1 cheats

Star Ocean: The Second Story it's a Japanese action RPG genre video game developed by the software house tri-Ace and published by Enix in 1998 for Sony PlayStation.

This video game represents the second chapter, as is clearly evident from its name, of the Star Ocean saga. With Star Ocean: The Second Story the saga finally landed also in Europe (year 2000) and North America (1999). The story is set about 20 years after the first chapter: Ronyx G. Kenny is on a mission together with his crew and his son, Claude C. Kenny.
The group must investigate a strange anomaly found on the desert planet Milokeenia. Claude, however, is sucked into a portal that suddenly activates and is teleported to an underdeveloped planet named Expel. Here Claude meets Rena Lanford with mysterious origins and funny pointy ears, able to exploit her enormous healing powers and help the boy in the investigation concerning the Sorcery Globe, a meteorite that fell months earlier on Expel. Meteorite that has released dozens, if not hundreds, of monsters on the planet.

If you have an empty seat in the item collection, with a seat occupied next to it, press "X" in the occupied seat, then quickly move to the empty seat. You will hear the voice of the empty space instead of the one you already have.

Star Ocean The Second Story - PS1


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