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    Spy vs. Spy NES cheats and codes

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    Spy vs. Spy it's a video game developed for numerous platforms, including the Nintendo Entertainment System, starting from 1984. The videogame is based on the US comic of the same name.

    We can challenge ourselves in two-player version or play against the computer. The goal, just like in the comic, is the elimination of the opponent using the most absurd and disparate methods. Spy vs. Spy is set inside an unspecified embassy made up of numerous rooms. To eliminate the other spy you need to find a series of objects and reach the plane that has been set up for your escape. The screen is split horizontally: the white light is displayed above, while the black light is at the bottom. For each player the room where he is currently located is shown, in perspective, and alongside a system of command icons, called the Trapulator. Each spy can move in 4 directions, rummaging through furniture and placing deadly traps such as springs, bombs, buckets ready to fall etc. When the two spies are in the same room the view becomes temporarily unique and opponents can attack directly with clubs. 

    To orient yourself in the embassy you have a map, which can be activated by the Trapulator, and a kind of indicator.

    After completing level 8, press DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, then press A + B at the same time.

    If you have a suitcase and your energy is low, get close to mobile. Press A so that the Spy can hide his suitcase in the cabinet. Press A to retrieve the suitcase. When you take it back, your energy will be full.

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