Splatterhouse 3 Sega Mega Drive passwords and tricks

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Splatterhouse 3 is a video game developed and published by Namco in 1993 for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

This is the last chapter of the successful saga and of one of the first games ever to have been the subject of racing, in practice of a stamp that advised against the title to players who were too young. Founder of the genre survival horror together with the two chapters that preceded it, it was never published in Europe. From the facts of Splatterhouse, 5 years have passed to the level of the plot: Rick, helped by the Aztec Terror Mask, has defeated the forces of evil, but must fight with the powers of the mask that tend to feed the dark side of the wearer.
Frightened, Rick abandons his studies on the mask and marries his girlfriend Jennifer. The two have a baby named David and Rick changes his life, dedicating himself to finance and working on Wall Street. Our hero buys a house in Connecticut but one night, in the throes of nightmares, he wakes up with a start to find the house empty and Jennifer and David's beds empty. To kidnap the son was an evil entity called "The Evil One”So Rick has no choice but to leave to save his son. In Splatterhouse 3 the levels are also tackled vertically and you can use weapons such as clubs, concrete blocks, machetes, knives and other objects with which to end the miserable existence of our enemies. The rooms of the final bosses are marked with a cross.

ATAERG - Stage 3
AKSILB - Stage 4
RAOBVW - Stage 5
OKOMOB - Stage 6
REYALF - Stage X The Strange Zone 1
SERAGA - Stage X The Strange Zone 2
TARESA - Stage X The Strange Zone 3
ROGIBA - Stage X The Strange Zone 4

Pause the game and press A + B + C, then START.

In the first level, take the shortest route to the exit and get to the boss room before the clock reaches 3:00. At this point, transform into a mutant and defeat the boss as fast as possible. If you've done it quickly enough, you'll go straight to Stage X.

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