Spider-Man - How to Get the "Promotion" Trophy

There's little to go around: Spider-Man It's definitely one of the exclusives that Sony has been betting on the most. The game has just come out on Playstation 4and was able to confirm all the good things the public and critics expected. Like any self-respecting action game, the player's attention will be focused on the fights and the most adrenaline-filled phases, but there will also be more "exploratory" moments in which you can discover every corner of the game map, perhaps dedicating yourself to secondary missions. Just to this aspect is linked the trophy "Promoted", who will ask you to carry out well five-side quest. In this guide of ours we will explain to you, step by step, how to solve the missions in question and unlock the trophy we talked about.

Spider-Man all the steps to get the "Promoted" trophy

As mentioned earlier, to get the trophy in question you will need to complete five side missions. However, some of them will require a considerable spirit of exploration, as ours will Spider-Man often have no marker to indicate the destination on the game map, and you will have to get by in other ways. Precisely for this reason, we will list all the steps to take to complete all the side quests required for the achievement in question.

How to complete the "College Buddies" side quest

The side quest will start in the Greenwich district and, once completed, will reward you with 1500 Experience Points. A prerequisite for access to the mission is that you have already faced the main quest".Spider-Hack"of the second act. As soon as you have spoken to Philipp Chang he will confess that "Carlos", his roommate, has practically disappeared from the last Halloween party, and will ask you to find him. All you will have to do to complete your task is a selfie of Carlos, and with it you will have to rake the Financial District. There will be no markers on the map to guide your steps, but ours Spider-Man will make comments along the way, and we will have to use those to orient ourselves and better understand which direction to go in.

If you don't want to waste too much time, head directly to the far south end of the Financial District, until you notice an building on fire. As soon as you find it, climb to the top of it and access the next mission objective. On top of the building you will find several Corrupt The first side quests are people under Li's influence; as soon as you defeat them all (they are very easy enemies to beat) you'll bring the police and you'll have finished the first side quest to unlock the "Promoted" trophy.

How to complete the secondary mission "Tick Tock"

To get the trophy in question you will need to complete five side quests.

Also this other side quest will start at the district of Greenwich and will reward you with 1500 EXPs. In order to access it, however, you will need to have previously solved the "College Buddies" mission. Go back and talk to Philipp Chang who will tell you about other missing students; however, he will ask you to track down a certain Ethan Albright, giving you a picture of where he should be. Again, you will need to try to figure out what location on the map the photo in question may refer to. If you don't want to waste too much time, head to the top right corner of the Harlem near the railroad tracks. As soon as you arrive, you will find a number of injured citizens; talk to them and you will hear about a group of unscrupulous people who have started attacking everyone.

It is, of course, Corrupts you must defeat. The next objective of the mission will in fact be to find and knocked out three groups of Corrupts which, as I said before, will not give you any trouble. However, one of these groups might be difficult to locate, since it will be hidden inside a building, and you'll have to press the L1+R1 keys to uproot the door. In case you encounter difficulties, press the R3 key to activate spider senses and locate the last group of enemies. As soon as you've defeated them all, you'll have completed the mission.

How to carry out the secondary mission "Over his head"

Once again, we'll have to go back and talk to Philipp Chang after obviously completing the previous two missions. This time our friend will inform us of his concerns about the disappearance of another colleague of his, a Steve Hopkins. Our Philipp tells us that, recently, the gang of the Tombstones had moved to the neighborhood where Steve lives, and the latter had said that he was extremely annoyed by this. The danger is that Steve may have decided to physically clash with the Tombstones, perhaps while he was under Li's influence. Once again, we'll have a photo that we'll need to locate on the game map.

If you don't want to overthink your minds, go to the area of theUpper West Side and look for the park located in the west of the district. As soon as you locate it, you'll find the Tombstones intent on beating up our poor Steve. At this point, choose the approach that you prefer: you will be able to carry out stealth killings as well as face the thugs with fists, as they will not represent a challenging confrontation.

As soon as you've put the Tombstones on the run, you'll also have to face Steve, who is under Li's influence. All you need is a single combo to ground our friend who, as soon as he wakes up, won't remember anything about what happened, while you will have completed the third step to get the "Promoted" trophy.

How to complete the secondary mission "A Matter of Debate"...

Fortunately, none of the missions in question will be particularly difficult, but you'll have to use your wits to figure out where to go.

We return to our Philipp Chang in Greenwich who, this time, will ask us to find Harold, the president of his university fraternity. To help us find him, Philipp will give us yet another picture which, in this case, will depict the Brooklyn Bridge. The presence of this building will make it much easier for you to find the place in question; however, if you don't want to waste too much time, head to the end of the bridge that you will find in the Financial District. As soon as you arrive, a cutscene will be activated that will show you some thugs intent on kicking a truck, and you'll have to knock them out. The quickest method at your disposal is to use the impact shots from the spider web and use the common spider webs to stick your enemies to the truck and knock them out right afterwards.

Once the fight is over, you will meet Harold, who will say he regrets his actions, but he could not stop them because he was under Li's control. Once the dialogue is over, this fourth secondary mission will also end.

How to complete the "Home Team Advantage" sub-mission

For this last side quest we will have to talk for the fifth time with Philipp Chang who, however, this time will be at the ESU. Our Chang will tell us that this time the entire college football team is missing. The only clue at our disposal is that our friend saw the team's quaterback at Washington Square Park, right next to the ESU and, therefore, not at all far from where the mission began. As soon as you reach the location in question, you will be attacked in sequence by well three groups of Corrupt the third of which will be much larger and will include two brutes.

None of these will be a tough fight, as none of the enemies will be armed. However, if you wish to remain confident in bringing home victory, hold down the SQUARED button to launch your opponents into the air because they will become much easier and virtually harmless targets. As soon as you have completed the clashes, you will talk to Brad Davis, the team captain, and you will get the much coveted "Promoted" trophy.

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