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    Spelunky 2: All You Can Earn With Altar Kali | Secret objects guide

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    To stay alive longer, I highly recommend using the Kali Altar as much as you can. To use it, drop an enemy or a dead (or unconscious) animal on the altar. They will be automatically sacrificed and you will receive a special reward in return. You can earn some secret rewards including tons of gold, extra health, and a very useful knife.

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    All Kali Altar Rewards

    The Altar of Kali, a blood-covered shrine that appears randomly in every biome in Spelunky 2, can give you rewards for sacrificing enemies or NPCs.

    • Distribution of sacrifices:
      • Dead enemies give 1 sacrifice point.
      • Unconscious enemies give 3 sacrifice points.
      • Unconscious dog / damsel gives 6 sacrifice points.

    The dog is the most valuable sacrifice in the game, giving you 6 points for each sacrifice. But only if the dog is still alive. Try to sacrifice the dog as often as possible - you'll actually gain a lot more HP than if you just bring the dog to the exit door.

    • Kali Altar Rewards:
      • Cooked turkey: Earn 6 sacrifice points to get this turkey which heals +1 HP.
      • Kapala knife: Earn 12 Sacrifice Points to get a special knife that drops healing blood from defeated enemies.
      • Royal jelly: Gain 18 Sacrifice Points - these unique healing items grant +6 HP.
      • Eggplant: Sacrifice a gift box to spawn the eggplant.
      • Singe d’or: Sacrifice a Gold Idol Heal to spawn a friendly Monkey NPC who poops Gold.

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