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in 2017 Spellforce 3 re-proposed, after several years, a gameplay that combined the classic strategic tactical mechanics with rts elements to Baldur's Gate, managing to create an excellent hybrid title. After 3 years we at Binfogamer.com thanks to DeadGood we are reviewing Fall God stand alone expansion that will have players take on the role of a group of trolls.

An endangered clan

In Fall God players will take on the role of Akroga, a young leader of a troll clan who will find himself having to save his tribe from extinction, caused by poachers and a mysterious disease that is exterminating the clan. To do this he will find himself allying himself with a mysterious elf who promises him that he will bring back to life an ancient deity who should save the tribe.

The group will do everything to bring the god back to life and will make various alliances and uncover ancient secrets during the journey.

Gameplay more focused on strategic tactics than in Spellforce 3

Se SpellForce 3 featured gameplay that went to merge elements of strategic tactical with elements from rts, Fallen God on the contrary blends all gameplay on strategic mechanics putting aside the rts component almost completely.

Once you have started the game you will be asked to choose the classes of your small group of ochi. Once this is done you will have to decide how to invest the points in their characteristics so as to make them optimal in the combat phases. Your starting party will represent the heroes of the story, only units that will have the possibility to come back to life through the interactions between them.

Once the team has been created, the campaign mode tutorial will start and will gradually introduce you to the following mechanics:

Exploring the map: In Fallen God if you have not previously visited the various areas of the world these will not be visible and will be obscured, once you have done this you will have the opportunity to see the areas of the map but, if you are not physically in the place concerned you will not have the opportunity to see the creatures present in the area.

Main and secondary missions: Just like in Spellforce 3, during the campaign mode you will have the possibility to undertake together with the main mission of the secondary ones, marked with blue question marks and exclamation marks. Unfortunately, unlike the original title where the secondary ones deepened the game world, these will only be useful for obtaining extra resources.

Creation of the village and conquest of the areas

Once you reach the final part of the tutorial the real focal point of Fallen God will make its appearance, which is the compose strategic tactics, your group of heroes have the goal of rebuilding theits outpost and restore their clan to its former glory.

To do this you will first have to build a stable outpost, where you can erect various buildings such as houses for the dwelling of the unskilled workers, hunting lodges that will serve you to collect food useful for the training of soldiers through the use of barracks, defense towers etc ...

As you upgrade your outpost you will have the possibility to increase the level so as to unlock new infrastructures or units that will be very useful to you. In addition you will have the possibility, by conquering areas, to expand your village and create new outposts that will be useful for placing additional infrastructures or barracks.

Once you have created your army through the barracks, you will be able to send men on an advance, to unlock new areas, send them to conquer new areas or use them to defend the city. It will all depend on how you decide to use your army since the chapter you are playing will end once all the objectives are completed, if your village is destroyed or if all your heroes die.

Mode conquers Fallen God PVP

The conquest mode present in the main menu will allow you to choose one of the various factions of Spellforce, each of them with specific abilities. This mode does not differ almost at all from the campaign mode except for the fact of the absence of the main and secondary missions.

The reason is that Conquest will see you fight against other players or the AI ​​of the PC for the total conquest of a territory. Personally we could not try the battle against other players due to the absence of online lobbies, consequently we can only tell you that the same tactical system of the campaign is also present in the pvp.

Technical department

Fallen God does not differ much on a technical level from Spellforce 3, the graphics engine is the same, the scenarios are all well built and atmospheric. In addition, just like its predecessor, this chapter can also boast of an excellent sound sector where the music blends well with the narrative or battle moments.

Finally, speaking of the game controls, these do not differ almost at all from those of Spellforce 3.


Fallen God proves to be a good sequel to Spellforce 3, although truncated by various rts mechanics in favor of a more imported gameplay on a strategic tactic will be able to satisfy players who have already enjoyed Spellforce 3 and who in this expansion will discover as the villain of the title close alliance with the trolls.

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