Space Invaders - Game Boy password

Space Invaders is one of the most famous video games ever: let's talk about the arcade videogame of 1978 developed by Taito and licensed for US production to the division Midway games area of Bally Technologies.

It is a real one and its milestone of video games and in particular of those developed until the mid-80s. Despite nearly 30 years of life, Space Invaders always remains fun and has been imitated and converted hundreds of times. The conversion we want to analyze today is the one for Nintendo Game Boy, the Japanese portable console on which such a classic could not really miss. The game mode is simple and faithfully follows the arcade version: the player controls a movable cannon that can move left and right on the screen.
This weapon must shoot down the aliens that, starting from the top of the screen, gradually descend downwards to invade the planet. The goal is therefore to eliminate all the space invaders that zigzag down in rows as neat as they are fearsome. Occasionally, special spaceships also appear, the “Ships of Mystery”, which allow you to get bonus points. The game was inspired by one of the first Taito electromechanical games, Space Monster with the addition of Tomohiro's own interpretation of the aliens featured in the novel War of the Worlds.

?? Z1LZ2X? PR1YD - World of the Invaders
RSSN3QJ78? GJMC - Jupiter
? WZ4VCLN4W81V? - Mars
HV27RW1GN3Y0R7 – Nettuno
WSPZMS08N? H8NF - Saturn
CV1? QWKGJ3X8R5 - Uranus

In the main menu, while highlighting Play, press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT. A new menu called Test will appear with the following options: Stage Selection and Invincibility.

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