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Sonic Advance it's a platform game genre of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by the studios Sonic Team and Dimps and published for Game Boy Advance between the 2001 and the 2002.

In Japan the game was published in 2001 by SEGA, while in North America it arrived only in 2002 by THQ and in Europe again in 2002 with the development signed by the French software house Infogrames. Sonic Advance is the eighth installment of the hit series of the blue hedgehog, a character who for many years has made the fortunes of the SEGA house, in particular on the Mega Drive / Genesis. 
However, it is the first episode on Nintendo's handheld console and the first Sonic game ever to be released exclusively on a console from the House of the great N. On a purely chronological level, the events of Sonic Advance occur in a period of time close to that of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. "normal" are 6, while the special areas are 2: X-Zone and Moon Zone, explorable only if you collect the 7 emeralds of Chaos. Each zone contains two acts, the second of which provides for the battle against a boss.

Chaos emeralds can be found in the high areas of some levels: in each zone there is one, except in the Ice Mountain Zone which contains one in each act.
In the game there are also bonus levels in which the player must collect a given number of rings.

Find all the Chaos Emeralds with any character, then complete the game with all characters. Complete the Moon Zone with Sonic to unlock the Moon Zone.

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