Solution GTA 4 : The Ballad of Gay Tony All Missions

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Guide valid for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Raised on the occasion of the release of the two expansions for all platforms!


The Ballad of Gay Tony injects Liberty City with an overdose of weapons, luxury and degradation. As Luis Lopez, part-time criminal and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince (also known as "Gay Tony"), players will struggle to earn the trust of family and friends in a world where it's hard to distinguish reality from fiction and where everyone has a price.

Unlike any GTA previous to this title, in The Ballad of Gay Tony, Rockstar Games has added a system of statistics to each mission, statistics that are based on how the missions have been dealt with. In this guide we will give you details on how to deal with the various objectives, it is important to keep in mind however that to get 100% in the mission you don't need to complete all the objectives in a single play, but you will be able to face the mission twice by completing certain objectives the first time and others the second time. The ability to replay the missions of the story is due to a second new feature in the series, which is an option in the mobile phone that will be activated at the end of the story and thanks to which you can choose in a simple menu which mission you want to replay.


After finishing the introductory film we continue along the street we are on and then turn right onto Galveston Avenue and continue north to the first of Tony's two clubs. After discussing with Troy and regaining control, we turn around and stay on Galveston Avenue and head to Tony's second club, Maisonette 9 just a few blocks away from the Hercules. Once there, Tony and Luis will split up momentarily giving the player the chance to explore the club and start different activities such as dancing, drinking challenge and more.

After receiving a call from Tony and getting out of the club - or immediately if we leave Maisonette 9 - a movie will be activated in which we will meet Luis's childhood friends, Armando and Henrique. Once the movie is over, we get back on board Tony's Schafter and following Galveston Avenue in a northerly direction we reach the Northwood district where we have to turn right on Xenotime Street and reach the condominiums where we will leave the two guys who along the way will discuss with Luis about more or less profitable and interesting jobs.

Leave the kids at home, all we have to do is get to our apartment, also on Galveston Avenue, in the block between Wardite and Vauxite Street. Once there and parked our car, all we have to do is get inside the apartment to finish the mission.

Goals for 100%: The objectives required to achieve 100% in this mission are simple, it is time, clean driving and avoid damage to the player. The first objective and the third objective are very simple, you just need to leave the Maisonette 9 immediately once you get inside to gain minutes on the time limit, while for the second is enough not to engage in fights with anyone. The second objective is therefore the most complicated of the three. This goal requires that the car is not damaged more than 10%, so to do this we must be careful to drive safely avoiding accidents, so we try to stay always in our lane, not to push the car at full speed and at intersections we always slow down a bit 'so as to ensure the directions of the other cars.

Time: 4.30
Player Damage: 0%
Car damage: 10%

Compensation: $1,000

The mission will be activated exclusively during the evening/nightly hours at Maisonette 9.

Once the film is finished we get in the car and head to the Dragon Heart Plaza on Albany Avenue in Chinatown. Once we get there, after seeing a well-known character from GTA: The Lost and Damned and discussing with the Chinese, we find ourselves in a situation that is not easy to deal with, as we have to escape from the building and make our way among the enemies. Obtained the commands we will find ourselves already armed with the weapon delivered by Tony and with the first enemy to be taken out on the opposite side of the corridor, so we remain in cover and fire as soon as the enemy presents itself to us. Once this is done, we continue to the second corridor, point the weapon forward and slowly approach the door, firing as soon as the enemy enters the corridor rolling on the ground.

Once this is done, we remain in cover and face four enemies, two already present in the camp and two who will arrive immediately afterwards at the death of a first enemy - so we remain in cover until all four are dead. Once we have eliminated the first group of opponents, we continue forward to the corner, turn right and fire on the enemy who will come up the stairs, then we descend and eliminate two more opponents, one who will come towards the stairs and the other sheltered around the corner. After this we reach the corner and take out the enemies at the end of the corridor without going through it at the moment, one of the enemies will throw a grenade and if we remain sheltered around the corner we will not suffer any kind of damage. Once we have eliminated this new group of enemies, we continue along the corridor, turn left and fire on two more Chinese, one on the right and the other in the landing of the security stairs, then we go down, collect the bulletproof vest and continue along the corridor of the offices by firing on the enemies that from the left will move to the right.

Once we reach yet another turn, this time on the right, we fire on the enemies left alive - three if we haven't taken even one - plus the two that will lead to the death of the second enemy of the group. Once all the enemies have been eliminated, we continue along the corridor to the umpteenth corner where we can take out two more enemies - already present or who will arrive shortly from the stairs. Cleared the passage we continue along the stairs down, fire on an enemy that will appear from the left rolling to the ground and then devote ourselves to the last six enemies in the long corridor that will take us outside and then Tony's car. Here we wait for the man to board and then we take him to his apartment on Feldspar Street just a few blocks from Dragon Heart Plaza.

Targets for 100%: The objectives for this mission are not very simple, in addition to the usual time and player damage - for these two the important thing is to always move without staying too long in cover and drink a couple of drinks interacting with the machines placed before the exit of the Dragon Heart Plaza - there is also the objective accuracy that requires the player to maintain the accuracy of shooting at 70% (which is simple, the important thing is to avoid shooting in vain) and the last and definitely more complicated in absolute that requires the killing of all enemies through the Headshot, i.e. the single shot directed at the head of the opponent. This does not mean that we will not have to hit the body, we can safely shoot on the body of the enemy, the important thing is that the fatal blow is to the head.

Time: 5.20
Player Damage: 10%
Accuracy: 70%.
100% blows to the head

Compensation: $1,000

After finishing the film in which we will discover Luis' mom's little vice, we follow Santo on foot along Frankfort Avenue, our destination is less than a block away. Once we reach the place where the cage fight is held, we will have all the information from Santo. If we want to pay off Adriana's debt, we'll have to fight three rounds in the cage winning the first two and losing the third after receiving a few blows, just to pretend we tried.

Cage fighting isn't complicated stuff at all, especially if you've played GTA IV and The Lost and Damned before, it's all about timing to dodge the enemy's blow and respond with a powerful counterattack. We then face the first two opponents by filling them with blows and avoiding to suffer them, after which we let the third opponent enter the field. At this point we will have in front of us the first and only "moral choice" of this title, we can in fact follow Santo's orders, suffer a few blows and then throw ourselves to the ground so as to conclude the mission and keep the loan shark good, or give a damn about what the man said, also defeat the third opponent and then also take out Santo so as to remove the loan shark problem from the life of Luis' mother.

100% objectives: There are a total of four objectives to follow 100% on this mission. The first is as usual linked to the time used to complete the mission, a very simple objective if you take advantage of counterattacks in the fighting and you will always attack the enemy. The third and fourth objectives are then linked to the fight itself, the third in fact requires that in one of the three fights you take advantage of the help of the public pushing our opponent to the grates so that he is held by the people watching the fight. The fourth objective instead requires that at least one opponent is sent to the ground using a counterattack, a combo move that can only be activated by dodging a blow of the opponent - the best enemy for this objective is the first, even with full health in fact the counterattack will send him to the ground. So the second objective remains, without doubt the most complicated as it requires a loss of life of 10% or less. To achieve this goal you must first beat all three opponents and then also face the wrath of Santo at the end of the mission. In order to succeed in the test, we avoid to dodge with the counterattack if we are not able to dodge the moves and always throw ourselves to the attack by staying close to the opponent - for Santo finally we use the gun that we already have in our possession by taking a few steps back as soon as we get the commands.

Time: 3.10
Player damage: 10%.
Helped by the crowd
K.O. counterattack.

Compensation: $2,500

Once the introductory film is finished, we board the black Landstalker of Armando and Henrique and head to the port area of Broker where Papi, a contact of Luis's two friends, is waiting for the group for the final acts of a drug deal that should turn the two boys into rich and powerful drug dealers. Unfortunately, however, thanks to the new anti-terrorism laws, the agreements made between Henrique, Armando and Papi have been heard by the police who will arrive on the scene en masse.

Obtained the commands at the end of the meeting with Papi we will already be well armed, so let's shoot first of all the policeman on the roof, then let's open the way in front of moles and on the right without entering the passage under the building, here in fact we will have to resist to a counterattack put in place by NOOSE that will take the field with more than twenty men - between policemen and members of NOOSE. We always remain behind the guards and in line with our friends, if they advance the way is safe enough, otherwise let's take cover. When we secure the area, however, we will find ourselves in front of a closed alleyway, but luckily for us Henrique will be armed with plastic bombs that can break through a wall - so let's stay away from Henrique and let him work.

Destroy the wall, get close to the hole and stay covered and take out the three snipers on the roof of the building on the right, then advance by dropping the enemies on the street on the right and only the ones in front of us - four in total. Take out these hostiles and we reach the road, but we'll be stuck in a helicopter escape. At the end of the film we'll be armed with rocket launchers, so we aim well and fire the helicopter a few metres ahead of it in case it doesn't stop in mid-air. Once the helicopter is destroyed, we board the Serrano - the only four-seater vehicle available - and return to Northwood, Algonquin, to leave Luis's two friends in the already visited condominium.

Goals for 100%: In addition to the usual goals related to the time and health of the player - for the first we follow the shortest routes, avoid accidents and in armed confrontations we always advance without waiting for our friends, while for the second we take advantage of various bonuses in the city or fast food if we can not keep up life - there are two other objectives for this mission, head shots and accuracy. Both objectives are linked to each other, with accuracy is considered the percentage of shots fired and scored and if we're good with head shots, we'll waste a few shots while maintaining high accuracy - it's also important to avoid sending shots with the rocket launcher to keep the accuracy high.

Time: 7.50
Player Damage: 40%.
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 55%.

Compensation: $5,000

Once we have obtained the controls, we climb on the usual black Landstalker of our friends, then we head over the Northwood Heights Bridge and descend to the port area of Bohan whose entrance is just after the end of the bridge. Once there and listen to what Henrique and Armando have to say about this new drug deal, we follow Henrique on foot down the stairs and finally straight to the pier where the boats are docked. Once there, however, we will hear the screeching of tires on the asphalt, an unmistakable sign that something is going as it should not.

As soon as we hear the noise, we quickly turn back and reach the containers at the lower level of the port area, hide behind that and here it will generally be enough to wear a bulletproof vest to secure the target - while the third target requires that no adhesive bomb is wasted and even in this case the solution is simple, just use only the three bombs for the crane and destroy the other targets with the rocket launcher to not waste any bomb. That said, as mentioned the problem is time, we will have to cover a large area from Algonquin to Dukes in a very low time limit. However, there is a simple system that solves the problem, namely the use of a helicopter, if after destroying the crane we'll go to the Westminster heliport, we'll find a helicopter that we can use to fly first to the second target and finally to the third, thus greatly reducing the time lost in moving from one target to another - if then the mission is replayed at the end of the game, At the heliport we'll find the Buzzard, an armed helicopter with which we can blow up the targets in order to gain even more time since we won't have to get out of the vehicle.

Time: 5.00
Player Damage: 50%
No bombs wasted

Compensation: $3,000

There are new floors in Rocco's mind and one of them has to do with the acquisition of the Bahama Mamas, the largest night club in Algonquin. After finishing the film and boarding Tony's Schafter, we head to the club - a couple of blocks away from Maisonette 9 and a stone's throw from the Hercules. Once in front of the club and listening to Tony's words, we get out of the car, enter the club and head to the dance floor where we meet Monique, the club owner's girlfriend.

When we arrive at Monique we will have to dance to the rhythm of the music in order to conquer the girl and obtain important information about the club on behalf of Rocco, so let's try to follow the rhythm of the song and make Luis move perfectly towards Monique. After the dance, the girl will decide to "relieve" Luis's day, the only problem is that the owner of the club will arrive soon and after hitting Monique for the betrayal, he will try to kill Luis too.

Once the film is finished we shoot quickly on Vic, then we advance and leave the office eliminating a first guard after the first door. After this we reload the weapon, go through the second door and take cover behind the wall on the left so that we can fire on the guards while remaining protected from their fire. Having eliminated the enemies on the dance floor, to the left and at the DJ's station, we aim at those in the bar room, after which we advance towards this room paying attention on the right, in addition to the counter, to a well sheltered enemy. Eliminated all the guards in the club we reach the stairs, we go up by firing on the guards and once out of the Bahama Mamas we run away from the area choosing any direction, the important thing is to get away before the arrival of the police so as to complete the mission successfully.

Goals for 100%: The time goal in this mission is all about the dance phase, because by dancing perfectly we'll have enough time to finish the mission in complete peace of mind - and in doing so we'll also get the third goal which requires a perfect dance without ever dropping the dance counter. For the second objective, which is health is easy as well, inside the office of Vic in fact there is a medikit that we will be able to recover well after taking out even the last guard. After removing the first three objectives remains the fourth, also simple since it requires care during the shooting, the target requires that you do not kill or injure civilians, so make sure during the shooting to take out only the guards and do not shoot if there is a civilian between us and the target.

Time: 3.10
Player Damage: 40%
Dance Devil
That's a good boy.

Compensation: $3,500

At the end of the film, let's go to the pier of the Platypus, a merchant ship moored in the port of Broker. Having arrived on the spot - listening to Evan's words about what we'll have to do - and started the exchange we'll soon find ourselves surrounded by bikers interested in our equal in the chef's diamonds.

Having regained the controls at the end of the film we will still find ourselves in a car, but this time in the back of it and with our torso and head out of the roof so that we can face our enemies at 360°. We will be armed only with adhesive bombs so it is important to remember that these bombs explode after activating the detonator and do not explode after a certain amount of time like other explosives. Including this we quickly launch several bombs in front of us in order to hit at the same time the Slamvans and bikers and once the road is open we aim first to the right and then on the road so as to take out other enemies. Once on the road we turn so as to look at the side opposite the one in which the car moves and from this position we launch the bombs towards the enemies making them explode in due time. Reached the intersection we turn again in order to put us in the same direction of travel this time so as to face the checkpoint put in the field of the enemies.

Destroyed yet another checkpoint we return to look at the back of the car facing half a dozen or so Lost attacks before reaching Montauk Avenue where our enemies will become the cops. After passing the Diner on Chicory Street we turn looking towards the direction of travel and when we arrive in front of the refueling we launch from two to three bombs in a semicircle in front of us and then explode them in order to pass the checkpoint. Once this is done the car will start again, we go back to look at the back of the car so that we blow up an armored APC and destroyed it we take out two more biker bikes - four enemies - and an Annihilator that will follow us following the north flank of the Algonquin Bridge.

Destroyed all the enemies and reached almost the end of the bridge, our driver will be taken out, in a movie Luis will automatically put himself in control of the vehicle. Once we get the controls, we speed up and then turn in the opposite direction to the one followed by the police steering wheel that we will see at the intersection in front of us - if he goes north, we head south, while if he heads towards the centre of Algonquin, we choose any way north or south. Once we have control of the car, all we have to do is reset our level of suspicion to zero, and then we take Tony to the Hercules to finish the mission.

Goals for 100%: In addition to the usual objectives related to time and health - both easily achievable if in the direct driving phase you do not waste time and if in the combat phase you anticipate the opponent as you always have to do - the mission has two secondary objectives, the first is related to the bombs that we will use and can only be achieved if all the bombs that we launch will be useful, so avoid throwing bombs where there are no enemies and explode those already launched always in the vicinity of opponents. The last objective is instead linked to the police and requires that we reset the level of suspicion within thirty-five seconds from the time we get the commands on the Algonquin Bridge. To achieve the objective, there is only one tactic, namely the one explained in the mission: we control the direction of the police steering wheel and follow the opposite route.

Time: 5.45
Player Damage: 50%
Precision with bombs
Time to escape from the cops: 0.35

Compensation: $500

Once we get the controls at the end of the movie we'll be in Mori's car, so we accelerate immediately and reach Chase Point, in Bohan, where Mori is planning to forcibly take over a business from which he has been cut off. Once on the spot, after having cleared the possible level of suspicion, Mori will start arguing with the bosses of the business who will not accept the return of the exaggerated on the spot.

Once the film is finished, we'll already find ourselves behind a cover with the task of keeping our skin firmly on the ground. We then quickly face the first four enemies in the front row and then immediately fire on the guy on the second floor of the building - between the second and third columns - armed with rocket launchers. Once the man has been knocked out, we continue along the dock, eliminating five more enemies - one on the right, a second at the back, the third halfway down and the fourth and fifth that will come from the left and right at the entrance to the building under construction. Having eliminated all the enemies in the field, we reach the low piers quickly so that we can get on a boat.

Once the film is finished we will have to face the survivors, another five enemies who are fleeing on board three motorboats - the first and second with two enemies on board and the third with only the driver. What we'll have to do is flank the enemy boats, place a sticky bomb on them, get far enough away and detonate it. After destroying the three boats with the same tactic, we accelerate the Dinghy to the maximum and reach the dock south of the Broker Bridge, on the Algonquin side. Once there, the mission will see its conclusion.

Goals for 100%: Definitely one of the missions with the highest number of objectives. You start with the usual timed and player damage objectives, so we already know how to do it. The third and fourth objectives are related to the shooting phase and even these are common, requiring an accuracy of 70% or more and the elimination of ten enemies - all those we will face on land - through a headshot. To keep the percentage high is first of all very important not to fire machine guns or similar in the game phase when we will be on board the boat and secondly it will be necessary to eliminate all enemies on dry land with no more than thirteen shots fired - 10 out of 10 would give 100%. Of the last three objectives two are tied to the boat we will drive, while the last one requires that the enemy armed with rocket launchers - the one that will appear on the second floor of the building at the killing of the third enemy in the front row - is taken out before he fires his weapon. Fifth and sixth targets finally require the Dinghy not to suffer more than 60% damage and the boat to exceed seventy miles per hour - for the first the trick is to attack the sticky bomb and move away many meters before blowing up the boat, while for the second we will only have to push the accelerator to full throttle after destroying the third and last boat making sure to keep the boat parallel to the current and not perpendicular to it.

Time: 5.00
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 10
Accuracy: 70%.
Boat damage: 60%
Maximum speed in boat: 70mph
Neutralization rocket launcher

Compensation: $10,000

Once the movie is over, we board the first available car heading south and then we reach the small tourist pier on Castle Drive, south of Castle Garden City. Once there we quickly get out of the car and board the Jetmax with which we will have to reach the Yatch behind Happiness Island.

Once there we will see a lookout boat and the Yatch, wait for the first boat to be between the Yatch and Happiness Island and then quickly approach the Yatch and get on board. At the end of the very short film we go up to the plane and reach the helicopter, immediately getting on board and moving away from the area. As soon as we reach the coast of Happiness Island we will be called by Yusuf who will tell us to kill all the passengers of the Yatch. Once the call is over we go back, we blow up the dinghy with the lookouts first, then we aim the Yatch and target it with missiles until it is completely destroyed and then we sink it.

After this our work will not be completed yet, several enemies will be able to escape aboard three different inflatable boats. Once we've finished the film, let's get in line with these boats and use the machine gun to blow them up - we'll use the first-person view if we can't direct the shot well. When we take out the three boats or directly the enemies after they've landed, Luis will contact Yusuf and ask him for a place to land. Once we get the information, we reach the heliport at the top of the building and leave the Buzzard in the hands of Ahmed, our employer's right-hand man.

Goals for 100%: Simple objectives for the mission, in addition to the player time and health that we will mention later, there is a third objective that requires the destruction of four boats. In addition to the three boats that will escape from the Yatch after its sinking, for this objective it is necessary to shoot down the lookout boat around the Yatch before the Yatch is destroyed. As for the other objectives, the one related to health is simple to achieve, just wear a bulletproof vest so that the latter will suffer any damage, while the most complicated is to all intents and purposes the objective related to time. To achieve this goal you need two things: the first is to place a fast car just before the mission activation checkpoint, so doing in fact we can use the fast car - parked a few meters south on the sidewalk - to reach our destination without wasting time with the identification of a vehicle at the end of the movie. The second factor that makes the time increase is the bombardment phase at the Yatch and the relative destruction of the three boats. For the first, we use missiles, while for the second, we use the machine gun, waving the water vertically after we've lined up with the boat - the less time we lose in these two phases of the game, the greater our chances of getting 100%.

Time: 6.00
Player Damage: 0%
Boats destroyed: 4

Compensation: $15,000

At the end of the film we are already in Yusuf's car, so we make a U-turn and head to the Rotterdam Tower on Denver-Exeter Avenue after the intersection with Hematite Street. Once there we get out of the car, enter the building and reach the checkpoint that will take us straight to the roof where we will have to meet Ahmed and his brother, Tahir.

Once we have obtained the controls at the end of the film we continue slowly on the left and we eliminate the first NOOSE agent and the first Annihilator - for the latter we use the rocket launcher, more precise, direct and above all faster in destroying the aircraft. After shooting down the first helicopter, we continue along the skyscraper's ledges, always climbing the stairs the moment we see them. Arrived in the high area of the skyscraper - after having eliminated a couple of agents and a second helicopter - we turn left, shoot down the third helicopter and continue close to the wall so as to remain protected but at the same time be able to fire on the enemies. Once at the antenna, we begin our ascent up the ladders to a platform where we must quickly fire on the last Annihilator.

Destroyed the aircraft we just have to go back to the stairs, reach Ahmed at the top of the structure and after the movie we jump from the skyscraper and dive. We open the parachute a few meters above the ground, later we will pull the minor rope will be the flight time and the overall mission.

Goals for 100%: There are six objectives of this mission, in addition to the time and player damage for which the tactics are now well known, we find the request for six shots to the head - and the enemies on the field to face are a dozen poor, so more than enough for the goal - and an accuracy of not less than 70%. To keep this percentage high you need to use the rocket launcher to destroy the Annihilator, in fact all the shots fired on the aircraft will lower the percentage. There remain therefore the last two objectives, namely the request to destroy four helicopters - and four are the basic ones that we will encounter, a figure that can rise to five if we make the full tour of the roof of the skyscraper before climbing on the antenna - and that of having a long time in free fall, ie the request to open the parachute as late as possible - we pull the lever when we are no less than the fourth / third floor of the buildings around us.

Time: 4.10
Player Damage: 50%.
Head shots: 6
Accuracy: 70%.
Helicopters destroyed: 4
Time spent in free fall

Compensation: $1,000

Once we get the controls we'll find ourselves as usual inside Mori's car, so let's head quickly to the southeast Algonquin pier where Higgins Helitours - the pier where the yellow helicopters depart from - is located. Once on site we will activate a film that will introduce us to the actual mission, a race called Triathlon because it has three phases: the first phase consists of flight and landing through the use of a parachute. The second phase is an aquatic race aboard motorboats and the third phase is a road race aboard powerful motorboats.

Once the presentation film is finished we will already be in the air, so let's dive forward and open the parachute only at the height of the head of the Statue of Lightheartedness - the great statue of Happiness Island. Once the parachute is open let's head towards the boats trying to land directly on one of them, in fact doing so we will gain many seconds on our opponents. Once we reach the boat we set the boat in motion and follow the checkpoints until we reach the change point north of Algonquin, here we let the boat accelerate to earth, then leave the controls and jump down to one of the four vehicles - the basic power is the same, so the choice is purely cosmetic. Once we've chosen the vehicle we'll activate the third stage of the race, the city race where we'll have to move as usual by touching the checkpoints. In this particular phase we can also use nitro on the vehicles, the important thing is to use it only on the straights or the excessive power will send us into a spin immediately.

Once the race is over - the finish line is on Quartz Street in Middle Park - in first position the mission will be defined as finished and with it also Tony's debt to Mori.

Goals for 100%: Four are the objectives of the mission, the first two are the usual ones related to the time used to complete the mission and the health of Luis. For the first objective is very important the driving phase that takes us from Broker to Algonquin - with the race driven by the checkpoints the time you can earn in the race will be minimal. We then leave the port area via the Navy Yard Broker and from here we reach the Broker Bridge to pass Algonquin. Avoiding accidents and keeping the throttle at full throttle both before and during the race, we shouldn't have any major problems getting the goal. As far as Luis' health is concerned, there are no fights and the only time we could suffer damage is when we land the boat - so we always aim for the nose of the hull and not the seat area - and any accidents during the race. The remaining two objectives are closely linked to the race, the last one requires that we always remain in first position as soon as we are launched from the helicopter, while the third one is linked to the landing with the parachute, in fact we will have to get on board a boat without falling into the sea.

Time: 7.35
Player Damage: 0%
Perfect landing
Always in front

Compensation: $4,000

For those who have already faced the adventures of GTA IV and The Lost and Damned, we find ourselves faced with the crossroads mission par excellence, namely the exchange of diamonds at the Libertonian. Having obtained the commands Luis will automatically contact Yusuf asking to borrow the Buzzard. Having obtained the position of the helicopter, we reach him and after getting on board we head to the roof of the Libertonian in Middle Park. Once we landed on the checkpoint we get off the helicopter, reach the scaffolding at the back of the museum and go down to the checkpoint in front of the window.

Once we've finished the film in which everything will happen, we climb the stairs so that we can go back to the roof of the Libertonian and here we board the Buzzard, moving quickly away from the area. Unfortunately, however, the level of suspicion will be high and the police will bring in a total of three Annihilator - the first individually and the rest in a group. At this point we can tackle the fight with the other helicopters in two different ways. The first method is to use the Buzzard's missiles and machine gun to destroy the enemy helicopters, a quick but not safe system if we don't have good manual skills with the helicopter controls. The second system instead provides our landing on the roof of a building - the Randolf Art Center is the best - the exit from the helicopter and the use of rocket launchers or advanced shotgun to shoot down enemy helicopters.

Whatever tactics we choose, after destroying the enemy helicopters we return to the Buzzard - we also return on board in case after the destruction of the first enemy helicopter the other two don't show up - and we land on the starting point, the Westminster heliport.

Goals for 100%: Achieving 100% in this mission is very easy if you take advantage of the second tactic explained in the guide, landing on a building will avoid damaging the helicopter or ourselves and using the rocket launcher will lose much less time in destroying enemy helicopters than what we should instead use to align with them, fire and hope that machine gun or missiles will succeed.

Time: 4.35
Player damage: 20%
Helicopter damage: 80%

Compensation: $1,500

Mission simple as the only job to do is to drive. Once we get the controls at the end of the film we will be aboard the usual red Buffalo. So let's start up and head to Topaz Street, at the northwest entrance to Middle Park. Once on the spot and finished the movie we interact with the controls of the multi-storey car park and lower the car for Brucie first and then the one we will have to drive.

Once aboard the car will start an atypical race where our goal is not to win by overtaking our two "friends", but to stay as close to them as possible avoiding that the police block us making us fail the mission. The race route will start from the car park and passing behind the Northwood hospital will lead to Algonquin's things heading north, coast that will be completely clockwise from the Hickey Bridge to the barges in line with Maganese Street - halfway between the East Borough Bridge and the Algonquin Bridge. Along the track we will have to be very careful of obstacles, holes in the road, gas tanks and in particular, after the north passage where there will be a very short scene of our race shown from another view, to some stone blocks more or less high along the left line of the road - so we will always stay in the middle of the track or on the right.

After crossing the East Borough Bridge and the straight between benches and lampposts after the widening, we will have to make a few jumps from the coast to the barges on the sea. Once we have made the first jump that doesn't have to be tackled flat out - we'll also try to get in line with the direction of the ramp - we'll have to make three more, the first two partializing the acceleration and the last one leaving the throttle completely. After the fourth jump and landed we brake and hold the handbrake so that we stop immediately and don't crash into Mori and Brucie's cars.

Goals for 100%: After the time objective, the remaining three mission objectives are not complicated. The last one requires you to stay close to Mori and Brucie at all times and it won't be difficult at all, just keep the accelerator pressed and avoid making a head-on collision with a pillar. The third objective requires that you exceed a given speed and that required is about half the maximum speed that the Bullet GT, without nitro, is able to reach. The second objective instead requires that the vehicle does not suffer more than 20% of the damage, so some slight accidents are allowed, but nothing that changes the shape of the bodywork. As for the time, as usual, everything is in the first phase, the one in which from Brucie's house we will have to reach the garage. We use the East Borough Bridge, of course, we jump the toll booth and pull straight into the car park. The rest of the mission has a very specific time since we will have to stay at the wheel of Mori and Brucie.

Time: 05.15
Car damage: 20%
Maximum speed: 140mph
Followed by a wheel

Compensation: $4,500

What you call simple is already complicating things. Once we get the commands at the end of the movie, let's go to the heliport above the Booth Tunnel - let's go through it completely and once in Alderney we turn 180° up on the sidewalks to reach the heliport. Once on site we climb over the helicopter and from here we reach Dukes behind the LC24 Tower, the tallest building on the island. Once on the spot and finished the film, all we have to do is follow the Comet of cars on Hancock Avenue, Bunker Hill Avenue, Dukes Boulevard and Harrison Street to reach the East Borough Bridge. From here we will reach Algoquin and then follow the car on Ruby Street, Union Drive East, Topaz Street, Frankfort Avenue, Quartz Street, Columbus Avenue, Jade Street and again on Frankfort Avenue where it will turn north to the Booth Tunnel entrance. At this point we quickly drive over the water arm to Alderney, wait for the car to get out and resume the chase all along Rand Avenue and then reach the multi-storey garage on Sacramento Avenue. Here we rotate the helicopter heading south, wait for the car to exit the garage and follow it all the way down Sacramento Avenue to the intersection with Franklin Street where the car will stop with the driver getting out of the vehicle and into a building.

Once this is done, Tony will inform those in charge of the target's position, while we have nothing left to do but return to the heliport above the Booth Tunnel and land the mission.

100% targets: In addition to the time objective that will be easy to achieve since all the pursuit follows a time that cannot be changed by us - the important thing is not to waste time at the beginning to get to the helicopter - the other three objectives are directly related to each other and require that the helicopter is not damaged - we avoid the fronts with the buildings - the pursuit is close - you must always stay no more than ten meters from the target - and that you fly low, that is to say, stay a few metres from the asphalt and avoid going over the skyscrapers of Algonquin and Alderney by passing over the buildings. Among the three objectives is the latter the most complicated, but just take a little 'hand with the flight system of the game to get the goal and 100% without too much effort.

Time: 8.50
Helicopter Damage: 0%
Close Pursuit
Low Flight

Compensation: $20,000

Once we get the controls, we immediately board Yusuf's car and answer his call later. While we are talking to the Sheikh's son, let's go with the car to the Star Junction intersection where a movie will be activated in which Yusuf will arrive in a helicopter. We get into the vehicle as soon as it has landed and fly the Swift to our target on Broker's south coast. Upon arrival, Yusuf will take command of the helicopter while we will have to blow up four hooks that hold the NOOSE wagon in the air.

Once we get the controls we will have to be quick, the sniper rifle provided is the best weapon available and if we are quick we will not give time for the two aircraft to lose alignment. The optimal sequence to hit the hooks is starting from the rear left, moving to the front left then front right and finally rear right - every time we detach a hook, the position of the vehicle will change and following this sequence, the position of the target will always be fully visible. Destroyed the four hooks Luis will launch from the helicopter, then we immediately activate the parachute and land near the APC - if this will be in the lane of the Broker Bridge, we do not pass between the cables of the bridge, but go around them putting us in line with the lane where the vehicle is located. Once we reach the APC, get on board, head straight for Algonquin and start firing on the police vehicles.

At this point a more or less long phase will be activated, in fact we will have to destroy as many police vehicles in a short time so as to force the police to lower the level of suspicion on us. The more police vehicles we blow up, the less time it will take between shutting down a star - there's no point in trying to get out of the suspicion level, that's not allowed on this mission. Let's stay aggressive by attacking the cops and avoiding civilians, and as soon as the suspicion level drops to a single star we'll exit the area of suspicion to zero. Once this is done, all we have to do is take the APC to Yusuf in the construction site south of Algonquin where the Sheikh's son will engage the vehicle and take it to a covered area away from the police.

Goals for 100%: After the fifth goal, the others are all related to the driving and destruction phase we will face on board the PCA. So let's start with the last objective that requires the destruction of the four hooks with which the NOOSE vehicle is hung with a single bullet magazine, then with no more than ten shots fired - with a little experience and following the specified sequence the thing will be very simple. The first two objectives are the usual time - and here everything plays on our speed in destroying the police vehicles - and damage player - for the latter the only time we can suffer damage is the landing with the parachute, so just land clean to get the goal. The remaining two damage from the tank and flying destroyed police vehicles. The latter requires a figure that we will always exceed a priori, in fact, during the mission will come to destroy between fifteen and twenty flying, a figure much higher than that required. As for the damage of the tank instead the important thing is to avoid using the vehicle as a battering ram, we use the weapon of the APC to open the way by blowing up the enemy vehicles and not the physicality of the tank banging into other vehicles.

Time: 7.25
Player Damage: 50%
Tank damage: 50%
Police steering wheels destroyed: 6

Compensation: $2,000

Once the film is finished we reach the underground car park on Topaz Street in Algonquin crossing first Meadows Park and then the East Borough Bridge, obviously skipping the tollbooth for weather reasons. At the parking lot we leave the Landstalker in the empty space, get out of the vehicle and attach a sticky bomb on the hood, then we go to repair behind the red car together with Ray. We stand here without moving until the corrupt members of NOOSE arrive in the area, then we wait for the guy in the jacket to stand next to the car and for Ray to give us the go-ahead to blow up the bomb.

Once that's done, let's break cover, grab a specific weapon and start eliminating the survivors in the area - usually half a dozen. Take out these men in the area, from time to time, a total of sixteen enemies will arrive in groups of four out of three Enforcer and one Buffalo FIB - the sequence will be 2 Enforcer, 1 Enforcer and 1 Buffalo FIB. Once these enemies have been eliminated - always move around avoiding staying behind the same cover for too long, or the enemy will make a wide turn reaching us from behind - reach the exit of the parking lot and blow up a fourth Enforcer that will arrive with only two enemies on board. After that we go to the right, go out into the street and fire on the four FIB members in the street who will arrive in groups of two on two separate Buffalo.

Once these enemies have been eliminated, we climb the Buffalo, which offers the best conditions, and use this vehicle to take Bulgarin and Timur back to their house next door in Meadows Park - thanks to the nature of the car, we will be able to get through the tollbooth without paying and without raising the level of suspicion against us, which if we move correctly, will be 0 after eliminating the last four corrupt FIB agents.

Goals for 100%: Getting 100% in a single play within this mission is definitely the most complicated there is. The advice is to take advantage of two bets to execute the objectives Time, Player Damage, Destroyed Vehicles, Hidden Bomb and Adhesive Bomb Destruction in a first bet - just follow your guide and take advantage of the rocket launcher to blow up enemy vehicles when they arrive inside the garage. This way the time you'll lose inside the garage will be minimal, the vehicles destroyed, between those blown up with the hidden bomb and the rocket launcher will be many more than required and the only objectives that remain are precision and head shots, so it takes time to move around calmly and shoot the enemies calmly and without the will to hurry to complete the mission. The last objective, namely Destruction with adhesive bombs, requires that the bomb placed on the Landstalker be detonated only after Bulgarin has given the go-ahead. If we do it sooner, we will lose the target.

Time: 6.30 a.m.
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 70%.
Vehicles destroyed: 5
Hidden bomb
Destruction with adhesive bombs

Compensation: $4,000

Once we get the controls we wait for Timur to get on board with us then we reach the Algonquin Bridge and from there the pier southeast of the Higgins Helitours. Once reached the pier we get off the car and reach the helicopter with which we will have to pass four checkpoints in order to reach a specific position and altitude. Once on the spot we get out of the helicopter we aim towards our target and open the parachute in time to reach the center of the heliport on the roof of the MeTV Building.

Arrived on site and finished the movie we continue along the corridor, descend the stairs and pass the doors firing on the first four enemies, two in the middle of the corridor, one on the right behind a pillar and the fourth on the left behind the barrels. Once the enemies have been eliminated, we hit a barrel so that it falls into the elevator shaft, then we wait for a couple of enemies to appear below us and take them out. Once this is done let's throw ourselves under, turn around and continue eliminating other enemies on the right and in the room on the left. Once in this room we go left, eliminate the guard and go down the stairs until we reach the offices of Ashvilli. Here, after the first three enemies we will have another dozen more to take out, so we remain always sheltered and we fire as soon as the enemies pull out their heads.

Eliminated all the enemies Ashvilli will raise his hands by turning his back to the window, before taking him out we go back to the reception and collect if necessary the medikit, after which we shoot the man in order to activate the film in which we will see him fly down from the building. At the end of the film let's throw ourselves out of the window, get in line with the Flatbed that runs along the street on the left and land on it in order to be taken away from the area by Timur - if we don't land on the Flatbed but near this Timur will stop to let us climb, if we land far away, the escape from the area will be up to us.

Goals for 100%: The goals are much simpler than those of the previous mission, but again it is advisable to tackle the mission twice if you want 100%. As far as the time objective is concerned, driving in the first phase of the game is very important, if we avoid accidents and push the car to the maximum we have a good chance - it is also possible to take advantage of a faster car if we park it in front of Bulgarin's house and activate it after the mission. The objective player damage is very simple, before killing Ashvilli just go back to the reception and collect the medikit to be safe. The objective precision is in our shooting skill, the less shots fired, the higher this percentage. That leaves the last three targets. The first requires you to land on the heliport of the MeTV Building and to do this just open the parachute early and use the brake when we are above position. The second requires that Ashvilli be knocked out in such a way as to activate the footage of his body flying out the window - so avoid killing him if he's not hands up attached to the building's glass. The last objective finally requires you to land directly on the Flatbed, which is extremely simple if you practice by completing the game's fifteen base jumps available as secondary tasks.

Time: 6.40
Player Damage: 40%
Accuracy: 70%.
Landing distance
Ashvilli on the ground
Landing on the truck

Compensation: $25,000

Mission not impossible after all. Once we've finished the film we'll already be in Yusuf's car, so we head north along Albany Avenue until we reach Jade Street first and then Bismarck Avenue so we can get on the Algonquin Bridge. After crossing the bridge we stop at the checkpoint at the beginning of the Broker exit ramp, approach the edge and jump as soon as we see the second train car under us.

After the jump we will find ourselves with a mandatory weapon and only one goal: to reach the engine. We then immediately start walking past a first car, after which we begin to fire on the police helicopters. The tactic to follow is simple, if we are in the open field we fire on enemy helicopters, if instead we are sheltered from something or the helicopters are far away, we continue along the train until we reach the engine. Until the second bridge, beyond the station of Hove Beach - the one that overlooks the roller coaster of Firefly Island - we will have to face only police helicopters, after the bridge instead these will be replaced by the Annihilator, the black helicopters used by NOOSE. Destroyed the first two helicopters and reached the station of Schottler, let's flatten ourselves on the roof of the engine pressing the button that will be signalled so as to pass under a third Annihilator that will be less than one meter from the roof of the train.

Passed the Annihilator remaining flattened on the roof we have nothing left but to shoot down a fourth and last black helicopter and fire on four enemies placed at the station of Huntington Street. The rest of the mission is a very nice movie.

Goals for 100%: Mission to the limits of what is possible, first of all to get the time goal you need to skip the final movie, while following the shortest way in fact we won't have to see the movie because a part of it is recognized by the game as a real mission, which will greatly increase the time we actually used. Removed the time objective there is player damage that is all in all easy as objective if you will wear a bulletproof vest and will anticipate enemy fire. In addition to these objectives there are two others related to helicopters, the first requires that you pass under the Annihilator after the station of Schottler, while the last that you shoot down no less than eight helicopters. Those available are about twelve, but it is not possible to hit them all because it is also necessary to move along the train, so let's try, before crossing the bridge after the station of Hove Beach, to have shot down no less than five helicopters, in fact doing so will be easy to take out three more by throwing down the Annihilator that will attack us after the bridge.

Time: 4.20
Player Damage: 50%
Helicopter dodged
Helicopters destroyed: 8

Compensation: $6,000

Once we have obtained the controls we board the car provided for the mission or another car prepared for the occasion before activating the mission by parking it in front of Bulgarin's house. Once in the car we get off the highway, cross the Algonquin Bridge and from there we head south to Little Italy where we will meet Timur. Once on the spot and the call with Bulgarin is closed, the situation will be completely different from what we assumed. Around us there are four snipers placed practically at the four cardinal points. Their position will be shown on the radar when they fire, so we check the red dots that appear and we in turn use our sniper rifle to shoot them down all four.

Once the four snipers have been eliminated, a film will be activated in which land and air vehicles full of enemies will arrive in the area. Once the film is finished, we quickly shoot down the helicopter, then we take out a good machine gun and continue along the rooftops of the buildings, each time eliminating a few dozen or so enemies - we pay particular attention to the roof of the building beyond Brown Place, the street to the west, as there will be three enemies to eliminate, two snipers and one armed with grenade launchers.

Take out the enemies on the rooftops and stay on Brown Place and eliminate the remaining enemies on the street - half a dozen - who will always take cover behind the PMP600 and SUVs. Take out as many enemies as you can by taking advantage of the fire escape ladders on the right, then get in any car on the street and get out of Little Italy as fast as you can.

Goals for 100%: The only big difficulty in this mission is the weather, the remaining targets are now well known and between health, head shots and a required accuracy that is not too high, we will have no problems - to keep the accuracy high we shoot down the helicopter as usual using a single shot with the rocket launcher. To these objectives we add a simple one that is already explained by the name, i.e. four shots for four snipers - to achieve the objective we will only have to eliminate the four snipers by firing only four times. It's important, however, to use the sniper rifle given to us by Yusuf in the mission "Caught With Your Pants Down" and not another sniper rifle or the target, even firing only four shots, will not be recorded. The only problem then, as mentioned is the weather. The best way to achieve this goal is by parking a helicopter or an au

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