Solution God of War - How to Free All Dragons

Make the skies a little more dangerous in God of War for PS4 with these three side missions. Completing them will earn you the 'Dangerous Skies' trophy, and you'll get a host of rewards, including dragon materials. Dragons are rather impressive creatures and there are a total of three of them. They may seem few in number, but to free them you'll need to complete some tasks. Even if you complete the game, you'll be able to go back and explore the locations to finish what you have left unfinished.

Every mission of the dragon is basically the same. Kratos and Atreus, his bow-armed son, must explore the corresponding region, find the dragon chained and then destroy the three sanctuaries that keep the creature imprisoned with their magic. Once all the sanctuaries are destroyed, you will be able to unlock the chain and let the creature go. There are also tons of extra collectibles to discover in each optional area, so be sure to take a look around before you complete your main task.

God of War PS4: How to release all the Dragons

To unlock the 'Dangerous Skies' trophy, you'll need to complete three special side quests, where you'll be required to free three dragons locked in chains. The main problem isn't the chains, however, but the sanctuaries that make sure they are locked tightly together. You can do this at any point in the game, including the end game.

When you enter the prison where a dragon is locked up, the creature shoots flames into the arena, so always look for a place to hide. To free the dragon, you must destroy all three Dragon Shrines in the area near it. After destroying the shrines, go to the chain in the center to release the dragon.

Dragon # 1: The Flight of Fafnir

Region: Council of Valkyrie
Dragon Shrine #1: left of the chain.
Dragon Shrine #2: Jump over the cliff to the right of the chain and climb up to the shrine, guarded by a Traveler.
Dragon Shrine # 3: From the second shrine, stay high and lift the gate to the cave, going to the next room with a shrine at the end.

Dragon # 2: The Fire of Reginn

Region: Konunsgard
Dragon Shrine #1: left of the chain. Jump over the fallen bridge and find him in the arena below.
Dragon Shrine #2: Continue along the cliffs (to your right) to find a dark cave beyond the first sanctuary.
Dragon Shrine #3: Behind the runic door in front of the first shrine. Ring the three bells in the area to open the door.

Dragon Shrine #3: Imprisoning Otr

Region: Veithurgard
Dragon Shrine #1: Up the hill, right of the chain.
Dragon Shrine # 2: Turn left of the chain and continue to the left edge of the hillside trail.
Dragon Shrine #3: Reach the end of the broken bridge and match the runes to the door to unlock it.

Release all three dragons to complete missions and unlock the 'Dangerous Skies' trophy.

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