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The Chaos Engine, which in the US version is called Soldiers of Fortune, it's a shooter genre video game developed by The Bitmap Brothers and published in 1993 by Renegade Software.

Soldiers of Fortune was converted for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, MS-DOS, Atari ST, Amiga CD32 and Sega Mega Drive. While in the European version the protagonist is a priest, in the American one he is a scientist. The sequel to the video game dates back to 1996 and is titled The Chaos Engine 2.
The setting of the video game is inspired by William Gibson's short story "The Reality Machine", set in an alternate world. Famous scientist Baron Fortesque succeeds where Charles Babbage failed: to develop one steam engine capable of performing operations just like a computer. 

The machine, however, evolves autonomously and in turn creates defense machines, so powerful as to throw the United Kingdom into complete chaos. The government therefore hires a group of mercenaries ready to do anything to take out the Chaos Engine.


W1V19S2SH21Q - Level 2 (Brigand and Thug)
C9W18N209ZPW - Level 2 (Gentleman and Mercenary)
CJWI9D2QQ2XF - Level 2 (Engineer and Scientist)
RI8VDQWF0IVP - Level 3 (Brigand and Thug)
RJXVD8WFPIVP - Level 3 (Engineer and Scientist)
4I4ILIV4QVX6 - Level 4 (Brigand and Thug)
4J3WLPV9XWSC - Level 4 (Engineer and Scientist)

Soldiers of Fortune - SNES


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