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    Social Link Guide by Naoto Shirogane (Fortune)

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    Student moved to Inaba to attend the investigation of the serial killings that shook the city. He is part of the Shirogane family, a lineage of detectives now in their fifth generation.

    Naoto Shirogane, skilled detective looking for answers on the mysterious case of the seemingly quiet Inaba.

    How to unlock the confidant

    In order to unlock Naoto Shirogane's social link you must have reached the maximum level in Courage and Knowledge. Go north from October 21st to the Shopping District and talk to the man dressed in black (next to Aiya) by selecting the first dialogue option. Then go to school and talk to Naoto to initiate his Confidant.

    You only have one month to max out his confidant so it is important to select the right answers and bring a corresponding arcana.


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