Snow Bros NES cheats and codes

Snow Bros. (whose full title would be Snow Brothers) is a platform arcade video game developed by Toaplan in 1990 and distributed in the same year for NES da Romstar for the North American market.

The protagonists of the game are Nick and Tom, two cute little men able to trap enemies inside deadly snowballs. Snow Bros. remembers a lot Bubble Bobble, world famous arcade videogame from which the title is inspired. Nick and Tom aim to reunite with their respective girlfriends, held hostage by two stone heads capable of spitting bubbles.
The levels are in total 50 (exactly half that in Bubble Bobble, where instead they are 100), divided into 5 stages of 10 levels each. At the end, each stage sees the presence of a boss, some of which are particularly difficult to defeat. Snow Bros. is not exactly an easy game, so we leave you some tips that could make the task easier. Good fun!

On the home screen, hold Left-Down (diagonal), A, B and press Start to become invincible.

From the home screen, hold Up, Select and B, then press Start. You can then choose the level from which to start.

Complete the game without using a single Continue to see an alternate ending.

To play the secret mode of the game, the timed one, on the home screen press Up, Up, Right 8 times, Down, Down, Left 8 times and finally A or Start. This only works in the NTSC version of the game.

Snow Bros - NES


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