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SMITE is one of the most popular free-to-play strategy MOBA’s today. Available for PC, Ps4, Xbox One and Mac, it has a growing catalogue of more than 90 Gods. Zeus, Loki, the Monkey King or Sun Wukong are some of the heroes we can control in this MOBA 5v5.

Like the previous title, it has been developed by Hi-Rez Studios, and differs from other games of the same genre by having a third person gameplay.

Although it’s a veteran (released in 2014), it’s still in shape to compete with the top free moba games of the year Fortnite, Paladins, Path of Exile and Skyforge, because its creators release content updates very frequently. The latest update is the 5.12 “Cyber Shadow” patch.



Hi-Rez’s game is inspired by DoTA (Defense of the Ancients) but instead of being above the action, you are IN the action.


Its purpose is similar to the more authentic MOBAs, but it is reminiscent of League of Legends. Each player plays a god from a different mythology, who has different powers. With the help of the AI and his companions, the player must destroy the Titan at the center of his enemy base. The Apollos Racer Rumble update, which we were able to enjoy until May 9th, was very similar to the Nintendo Mario Kart series.


The concept of SMITE is not much different from LOL; in Conquest mode, your goal is to destroy the enemy’s towers to reach their minotaur. You choose one or all three lanes to push your minion army to the enemy base. Your god levels up over the course of the battle, gaining access to his full range of abilities, which help fight the enemy’s team of gods.



You earn gold for being near your subjects while they die, and a bonus is awarded for delivering the killing blow. There is no ability to deny your own minions as in Dowry 2, but forcing the enemy gods away from the conflicting minions deprives them of their gold income. Gold is spent on items, and many items have striking similarities to other MOBA items. But if it’s not broken…


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The new SMITE 5.6 patch introduces the second 2018 adventure, Inner Demon Sands (the first was Da Ji and the Legend of the Foxes) with a new anime theme. However, in this new adventure, 4 demon snakes will appear in Sand Mode, to hunt anything that comes their way. The Inner Demon Sand brings with it a new type of cosmetic item, the Death Marks.
From the chests we can get skins, gods, gold, gems and fantasy points.


SMITE differs from other MOBAS, such as League of Legends or DOTA, in its delivery, and thanks to Smite’s WASD controls as opposed to the real-time strategy feel of other MOBAs, objects are free to have effects, such as allowing you to attack while on the move without slowing down.


Playing with a shooter will give you a more visceral experience as you navigate back without relying on AI or fast mouse movement to select your target, instead you’ll have to focus your fire precisely on your pursuer until it’s time to turn tail and run away.


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