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Silent Hill is a genre videogame survival horror produced by Konami and developed by Team Silent. The game was released in 1999 exclusively for the console Sony PlayStation.

First chapter of a successful and long-lived saga, Silent Hill uses a third person view with elements of 3D computer graphics in real time. Violent and emotionally impactful, the game has had multiple converted sequels for numerous platforms such as Game Boy Advance, Xbox, PS2, PSPS and more. The protagonist of the story is Harry Mason, who desperately tries to find his adopted daughter, Cheryl, lost on the streets of the creepy town of Silent Hill.
Harry stumbles upon a pagan cult that wants to resurrect a new God and, in trying to survive, he also discovers the child's true origins. Silent Hill predicts five different possible game endings, which vary according to the choices made and the actions taken by the protagonist. There is also a secret ending, which we obviously won't reveal to you.

The game's prologue sees Harry driving his car, with his daughter at his side; in the middle of the night, with the fog obstructing the view, a little girl suddenly emerges in the middle of the road and Harry, swerving to avoid her, crashes into a gate after spinning. When the man recovers, his daughter is gone and Harry searches for her everywhere, in the fog, among hordes of evil monsters and cursed creatures. 
Il gameplay of Silent Hill consists of a skilful mix of combat, puzzle solving and exploration of dark, dimly lit rooms, alleys and places. The view is in third person and changes angle from time to time to create dramatic and tense moments.

Not good ending - Just skip the sequences at Annie's Bar, Indian Runner and the Motel. So save Cybil when you fight her.
Good ending - Play without skipping any missions. Kill Cybil in Lakeside Amusement Park.
Great ending - Don't skip the sequences at Annie's Bar, Indian Runner and the Motel. So save Cybil when you fight her.

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