Shenmue - Sega Dreamcast cheats and codes

Shenmue it's a action-adventure video game developed by Yu Suzuki of Sega-AM2 and released in the year 2000 by SEGA for the console Sega Dreamcast. Shenmue, let's say it bluntly, has literally created a new videogame genre, FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment).

This mode is based on full freedom of action within the game map and maximum interactivity with all the characters you meet as you go. The story of Shenmue is set in Yokosuka, a small Japanese town, on November 29, 1986; the protagonist is the eighteen-year-old Ryo Hazuki who, returning home, sees a black car parked in front of the gate. 
His father's dojo sign is destroyed and his housekeeper, Ine-san, lies exhausted on the ground. The woman only manages to whisper to the boy to go to his father's dojo. When he arrives at the dojo, his friend Fuku-san is thrown out of the gym door and his father Iwao Hazuki is threatened by a Chinese man. An epic story thus begins, and we want to pay homage to you with some bonus content.

On Disc 3 you have to play a mini game in which Ryo Hazuki uses a motorcycle to save Nozomi. The song that appears in this mini game is the keyboard version of “Scarlatto”, one of the main pieces of music in the Ferrari F355 Challenge game.

Complete the game and wait until the "credits" run out, then save your game. In the main menu, go to Options, then to Setting and you will see the new Magic Weather option appear.

While playing Space Harrier, hold down A, X and Y at the game's home screen. The message "Up input is down" will appear and you should now be able to play with the reversed controls.

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