Shenmue III | Guide to Trophies and Achievements

After a long, long period of silence, finally... Shenmue III has landed on our gaming platforms. Confirming a successful crowdfunding campaign, many were waiting for the final chapter of what has been one of the most acclaimed and revolutionary sagas in the history of video games.

As you would expect, the game includes a lot of activities to do, for everyone's happiness:

  • Bronze Trophies
  • Silver Trophies
  • Golden Trophies
  • Platinum Trophy
  • Shenmue III Guide to Trophies and Achievements


    Wild Plant Gatherer

    You've collected all Bailu's herbs

    The trophies related to herbs are definitely long and not at all easy, as you will have to explore every ravine of the Bailu area, returning other times to enter previously inaccessible areas, and keeping in mind that some herbs will be obtainable only during the day and others, instead, only at night.

    You will find four herb maps that will help you to get around Bailu village: two of them can be purchased from Tao, the other two from Kong Mei. However, be aware that near the various markers you will find on the maps, there will be many more herbs than those marked, so always be very careful, as the herbs will not reappear.

    Even books of herb sets can give you a big hand in this, but remember never sell the herbs you have obtained, or only do so after you have obtained the trophies.

    A guide with the exact location of all Bailu's herbs is not available at the moment but, thanks to the user of Reddit u/Zemalf, we can tell you exactly how many herbs you can collect in this area.

    • 72 Licorice
    • 29 Ginger
    • 23 Jujube
    • 16 Peony
    • Bellflower
    • 8 Cinnamon
    • 8 Poria Cocos
    • 8 Orange Trifoliate
    • 5 Crow Dipper

    In addition, we also leave you some advice on how to find all of Bailu's herbs.

    • The hermit's hideout is inaccessible for a piece of history, make sure you've checked this place thoroughly;
    • Behind the stable with the cows, on the road to the hermit's hiding place, you will find a hill, which can be reached if you move very far to the right. Make sure you check this area;
    • The area with the pumpkins is also accessible, reach it walking from Panda Market onwards;
    • Some herbs will be behind the buildings, so check them all carefully. Also, you will have to walk very slowly near the areas with the most red ring flowers"). You will need to position yourself exactly above these flowers to find any herbs;
    • Make sure you've checked literally everywhere (the back of Shenhua, the road to Languishan, cross the back of the Martial Arts Training Hall, check both sides of the Green Bridge carefully, as well as all the grassy areas you'll find on your way. Do all this slowly and methodically, taking one section per day of play to rake it properly. It will take a long time, but it is currently the only way available to get the trophy in question;

    Wild Plant Collector

    You've collected all of Niaowu's herbs

    Fishing beginner

    You've fished in all the places in Bailu

    Follow the instructions in the attached video to obtain the trophy in question.

    Fishery scientist

    You've fished all over Niaowu.

    Follow the instructions in the attached video to get the trophy in question.

    Pasty Piglet

    You had more than 1,000 yuan

    Village banker

    You had more than 5,000 yuan

    Apprentice bettor

    You have had more than 20,000 tokens

    Regular customer

    You bought 10 items in a store

    Capsule fans

    You have collected 5 sets of toys in the capsule

    Village of Bailu

    You have completed important tasks in Bailu


    You have completed the important tasks in Niaowu

    Positive Karma

    You have completed all the side missions


    You played a game of hide-and-seek

    This trophy will be obtained by completing a secondary mission, where you will find four children hidden in four different places. You will find the first child inside the sunflower field, easily visible when you enter the path; the second child will be on the side of the house near the sunflower field, behind the cart with the bags. To find the third child, go to the house in front of the stable, approach the ladder on the wall and look up.

    For the last child, instead, go to the house with the statues right outside the door. Enter and a filmed scene will start, at the end of which you will find the last child.

    Should you encounter any problems, please see the attached video.


    You climbed up the bell tower


    You've trained with Sun and learned the tackle.


    You've trained with Bei and learned the reverse tackle.


    You saved the soothsayer from a drunkard on the Promenade


    You retrieved the stolen bag

    Old Castle

    Go to the opposite bank of Niaowu to reach the old castle...


    You have reunited with Ren Wuying

    The Secret of Ponte Verdeggiante

    You've heard an old story about the Green Bridge.


    You got a VIP card for the Golden Goose...

    How long has it been

    You have completed "A meeting with Zhang Shuqin"

    Where did Zhang Go go?

    You have completed "Zhang's disappearance"

    Another One Bites the Dust

    You have completed "The Poison of the Blue Spider."

    Chawan signs pilgrimage

    You signed Chawan signs in all the places

    Three years on a stone

    You spent over 100 hours waiting for signs Chawan

    Rice cake bought

    You bought a snake tonic with Chawan marks on it.

    Watch what you eat

    You have bought some raw oysters with Chawan signs

    Shaomai delicious

    You bought crab Shaomai with Chawan marks.

    Aren't you going to eat it?

    You bought some Peking duck with Chawan marks on it.

    You don't have a can opener!

    Did you buy canned corn with Chawan signs

    Where's the request?

    You bought a maniac monk with Chawan signs

    You've completed "Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon".

    You have completed the Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon challenge mission

    You completed Vince Testa

    You have completed the mission challenge Vince Testa

    You have completed Lucky Strike

    You have completed the mission challenge Shotgun

    You have completed frog race

    You have completed the mission challenge Frog Race

    You have completed the turtle race

    You have completed the turtle racing challenge mission

    Save the boys!

    You saved the missing kids

    For my big brother

    You gave the very rare "Star Girl" figurine to Shi Baolin

    Super runner

    You won the 1st prize of the Short Track

    Prodigy in the center

    You have won the 1st prize of the Average Route

    Lasting legend

    You have won the 1st prize of the Long Route

    Hunter Bailu Chan

    You found 80 Bailu Chan

    Maniac Bailu Chan

    You found 100 Bailu Chan

    Shenmue III Guide to Trophies and Achievements


    Expert herbalist

    You've collected all the possible herbs

    Crazy for fishing

    You've fished all possible places

    City tycoon

    You had more than 10,000 yuan

    Expert bettor

    You got more than 50,000 tokens.

    Super customer

    You bought 100 items in a store

    Capsule stars

    You have collected 15 sets of toys in the capsule

    Master of Combat

    You won against 36 people in the arena

    Record-breaking master

    You got the highest score in all minigames.

    Master woodcutter

    You broke 1,000 logs

    I'll see you again.

    You completed "Saving Mr. Zhang"

    Running to the King of Battle

    You have won the 1st prize of all routes

    Shenmue III Trophies and Achievements Guide


    Fishing professional

    You caught 1,000 fish

    King of bettors

    You got over 500,000 tokens.

    Future entrepreneur?

    You bought 1,000 items in a shop

    Capsules legend

    You've collected all the series of toys in the capsule

    Master of technique

    You collected all the technical manuscripts

    Fashionable martial artist

    You have purchased all the clothes available at the Departure by sea

    Master Bailu Chan

    You found 120 Bailu Chan

    Shenmue III Guide to Trophies and Achievements


    Shenmue's hero

    You got all the trophies.

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