Shantae - Game Boy Color cheats and codes

Shantae it's a platform game genre developed in 2002 by Capcom and published for the handheld console Nintendo Game Boy Color.

Shantae is considered by many as the spiritual successor to Monster World IV, but met with limited, indeed rather limited success. Shantae was also recently released for Nintendo DS, via Virtual Console.
Set in the fantasy world of Sequin Land, the game features Shantae, committed to protecting her hometown, Scuttle Town, and her world more generally. Among Shantae's main enemies is her nemesis, the pirate Risky Boots. The videogame settings are the most disparate, but always in fantasy theme and dark fantasy with steampunk elements. In the game it is necessary to collect objects and power-ups which, in addition to giving new strength to Shantae, unlock the following areas to explore.

Press LEFT x2, RIGHT x8, LEFT x6, RIGHT x2, LEFT x7, RIGHT x6, LEFT x8 on the home screen. You will have access to the debug mode and you will start with all the power-ups, the objects and the transformations and you can travel to each map.

Hold SELECT + A for one free move.

In the pause screen, press SELECT to return to the debug screen.

On the debug screen select M! with button B.

On the debug screen select M! with key A.

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