Shadow of War: The Blade of Galadriel - Review

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Returning to Middle-earth is always a pleasure, especially if this happens through a mammoth title like Shadow of War, which as we have already said in the review, it is a title that does justice as a quality, to the tales that Tolkien left us as a gift. While Shadow of War marks the complete end of the story of Tallion and Celebrimbor, Middle-earth still has stories to tell with this new add-on called The Blade of Galadriel. The offer is already appetizing and we could not but have our say on it and thus offer you an opinion on this additional content for the story of the game.

In this new story we will take on the role of Eltariel, the elf who accompanied us for a good part of the narrative of the main game. The story will resume from the confrontation with Sauron together with Celebrimbor, who after a short film we will find ourselves summoned by Galadriel, who tells us that our task has not been completed, since we have not defeated the Nazgul, therefore, in order to return home we will have to arm ourselves with a lot of fighting spirit. The Elf sum will also show us that some knowledge of ours is alive and that we will have to put an end to his new "life" once and for all. Narratively speaking, the structure is valid, it manages to fill the slight void that many have accused during the final stages of the game - although we do not totally agree, since the ending is already good for us -, also adding some additional information as well as unpublished cut-scenes. There are eleven story missions and they are more or less long, since it took us about five hours to complete the expansion of the Blade of Galadriel.

The basic gameplay has remained that of the Shadow of War, although it must be said that Eltariel is much more cunning in her movements, probably due to her smaller build than that of Tallion. Our powers will be based mainly on the light, the latter will allow us to dazzle and finish the enemies or to heal ourselves during the clashes using a technique that will block all our other actions, thus making us vulnerable to enemy attacks. To enrich everything there is the growth of the character, with a new skill tree that will allow us to make Eltariel a very lethal elf of all respect. Also in this case we will have to worry about the equipment of our character, but it is possible to obtain it in disproportionate quantities by facing certain more important orcs in the enemy ranks. The experience is very fun, also because it breaks the rhythms of the base game a bit, leaving something new, but which does not change the basic structure of Monolith's production too much. Unfortunately, the level of challenge is not very high, in fact it will be rare to find yourself in front of a really difficult challenge or that can put the player slightly on the sidelines.

The settings of the expansion are the same as in the main game, but still it's always nice to see the middle earth as a new character. As for the audio sector, we find ourselves again in the presence of a quality dubbing, thanks also to the support of excellent voice actors that we had already had the opportunity to enjoy with the experience of the Shadow of War. One of the positive notes is that we have not encountered any technical problems with the additional content, not even a bug, which left us very satisfied as well as happy, a sign that Monolith has tested the content extensively before putting it on the market.

In conclusion, it is a valid expansion, the hours it offers fully justify the selling price of the single content, it also offers the player a new and pleasant experience. The boys of Monolith they are dedicating body and soul to this production and we can't wait to get our hands on the next content of the story, in the hope that it will be able to match or even surpass the quality of the Blade of Galadriel.

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