Shadow of the Tomb Raider - How to Make a Fast Travel

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In Shadow of the Tomb Raider , there are various tombs, crypts and places that are worth visiting before completing the missions of the story or after seeing the credits in order to unlock everything we left behind. To avoid having to walk back, you need to know how to travel fast. This guide will briefly explain how fast travel works in Shadow of the Tomb Raider .

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - fast travel

Before explaining how to travel fast in Shadow of the Tomb Raider , it's worth remembering that you won't be able to travel fast right away. Fast trips are unlocked later in the game, after making several hours of progress in the main story. Make a note of the places you would like to return to so you can finish the grave challenges or explore other inaccessible areas due to lack of tools such as a pickaxe or reinforced knife.

Once you have unlocked the ability to travel quickly in Shadow of the Tomb Raider , you can do so by visiting your base camps that you found along your journey. Head to the nearest camp fire to access the base camp menu. Select the Fast Travel panel on the far right, then choose the base camp you want to travel to quickly. Of course, your destination base camp must have been unlocked before lighting the fire.

That's all! Travelling fast is very easy and intuitive. Use fast travel to revisit places that contained tomb challenges or other areas that were otherwise unexplored. Some areas require a specific weapon to access passages that contain loot and resources, so you can unlock new equipment in the game.

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