Serious Sam Advance GBA Cheats

Serious Sam Advance, known simply as Serious Sam in North America, is a spin-off of the series of the same name released for the console Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Set in Egypt and Rome, the game boasts a new graphic style, lots of it exclusive enemies and new weapons, never seen in previous chapters. The protagonist of the plot is once again Sam, who goes back in time again after some scholars of ancient civilizations have found new traces of the army of Mental.
Sam must first return to Egypt and then continue on to Rome, facing hordes of enemies along the way. The bosses of the game are two commanders who look like werewolves: Sirian Sphinx, found in Egypt, and Wolfiator, which is located in Rome instead. Defeated the second, Sam Stone can finally return to his own era.

Beat a better mousetrap:
Activate all spikes in one fell swoop in the Spider Grave only in the Spider Grave.
Instant Sushi: Defeat the beast summoned in the deep sea.
Jump Jump: Jump off Totec's shield while he is doing it too.
Three birds, one stone: Kill 3 enemies with one bomb.
Leap of Faith: Grapple Totec while he's jumping over a chasm.
Overachiever: Complete any Reward Challenge in a level.
Return to sender: Repel a bullet at an enemy using Totec's shield.
A Friend in Need: Play the cooperative mode.
Seeing Red: Collect all 10 red skulls on any level.
Breadwinner: Get the highest score on any level.
Tomb Raider: Collect all wrecks, artifacts and weapons.
Vanquish Xolotl: Get the Mirror of Smoke back.

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