Sekiro | How to Pick Up Loot and Money from Enemies

Sekiro is according to many (too many for our taste) one of the most difficult games created by From Software because of the thousand dangers that hide the lands of Ashina.

From our latest analysis of the game we have discovered something that until recently was a mistrero for many: You are not weak, you are just poor.

Sekiro Accurate Strategy Guide: How to pick up the loot from the enemies

If until yesterday you used your Shinobi prosthesis as an excuse to beg from the monks of Mount Kongo, there is actually a much easier and more honest way to earn a living in Feudal Japan: Killing enemies. After you shoot down the first enemy you will see coins floating on it and an inscription in ancient Japanese will appear on the screen:

Hold down the to collect items from enemies

A cryptic text without any doubt that prompted us to look for the answer far and wide but without finding a match in the game. One night though I looked down on my Xbox pad and remembered that Japanese phrase I found it, it was right there the X button, all this time I had it in my hands. I was surprised and held the button down and then the magic...

Such a surprising discovery was also a must for users of other devices.

  • Keyboard - E key.
  • Xbox - Button .
  • PS4 - Button .

How to access the commands menu

If you don't like the configuration thought up by From Software, we'll show you how to change the buttons to your liking:

  1. Press Start (usually located in the middle of the pads) or Esc (top left corner of the keyboard).
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Press , or send depending on the peripheral used.
  4. Select Key Configuration.
  5. Press , or send depending on the device used.

Now that you're rich as a Shogun, the game will surely seem less punitive.

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