Sea of Thieves "The Hungering Deep": Guide and Tips

Last May 29th was a day full of news for Sea of Thieves fans. As we all know, in fact, was officially released the update "The Hungering Deep" which, in fact, is the first expansion of the famous Microsoft exclusive. As always happens in games of the genre, the added content is really many, and many will be discovered only with the passage of time. In this guide, we'll show you all the news discovered so far about "The Hungering Deep", including, for example, how to get the Talking Trumpet and how to get the new items that the game will make available to us.

Sea of Thieves: everything you need to know about The Hungering Deep

First, to access the contents of this Sea of Thieves update, you'll need to download it first. The update will weigh just 1.4 GB and, once installed, it will let you find a new character inside the Tavern. Beyond the usual seller, in fact, you'll find a new NPC sitting at a table next to the bar. Once you've talked to him, ask him what's new: this way you'll activate the missions related to The Hungering Deep. As soon as you ask this question to the NPC in question, he will tell you to search for Merrick, the character who, in fact, will give you access to all the new content of the DLC.

The first "mission" will be to find Merrick. In order to meet him, we will have to follow the directions given to us by the NPC mentioned above. In our case, the character told us to head to the South - West side of Shark Bait Cove Island; however, we don't know if this is the only place where we can find Merrick or if it changes from time to time, being randomly generated. It is in fact possible that this character is randomly placed in the world of Sea of Thieves. In spite of everything, however, you only need to follow the NPC's instructions to find him without too much difficulty.

In any case, as soon as you talk to Merrick, you'll have access to The Hungering Deep's missions; the novelty is that the missions in question are not assigned randomly, but will be predetermined, constituting a real campaign.

How to get the Speaking Trumpet in Sea of Thieves

The missions of the Merchants' Alliance in Sea of Thieves focus on trade. You will often have to recover cargo (including animals) and deliver it on time.

This Sea of Thieves update fulfills one of the promises made by Rare some time ago, namely to release the much coveted Talking Trumpet. It is a sort of "pirate megaphone", which will literally allow you to "make your voice heard" at a greater distance. Simply put, with this megaphone, you can project your voice to a certain distance so that pirates from other nearby ships can hear you. As someone will have already understood, this object will simplify the navigation of many players.

We already imagine the question of many of you: how is it possible to get the Trumpet Speaker? Fortunately, the answer is the simplest: you simply have to find Merrick and talk to him until you exhaust all the various dialogue options. Once the conversation is over, the good Merrick will reward us with this very item. At this point, you just have to set sail with your ship and "test" this little megaphone with your companions.

All new cosmetic items in The Hungering Deep

As many of you will have already understood, The Hungering Deep also brings with it many new cosmetic items, which will expand even more our options to customize our ship. These items all revolve around the new faction that this expansion of Sea of Thieves introduces us: the Bilge Rat, to which belongs the same character who will tell us how to reach Merrick. With this update, new sails, new figureheads, new flags and new keels will be available, all of which can be purchased at the shipyard, provided you pay the right price.

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