Sea of Thieves : The Best Sailing Guide

Sea of Thieves The eagerly awaited game of pirates that lately is making a lot of talk about itself, continues with its Closed Beta, in which all users who have made the pre-order from the Microsoft site and all those who have joined the Insider Program were invited.

In the game we will have to cooperate with our crew to find the treasures buried around on the various islands, and to do so we will often find ourselves fighting cursed skeletons, sharks and other pirates in search of a rich loot, yours. But this adventure may not last long if you don't know how to drive your ship properly, so we've created this little guidebook that shows you how to cross the seas at full speed.


First of all, it must be said that at the moment there Sea of Thieves are two types of ships, one small, suitable for a crew of one or two people, and then there is the galleon, ruled by a crew of three or four buccaneers. When we come into play, we will be provided with the ship of a size suitable for our crew of pirates.

As soon as you enter the game you can invite your friends to join the crew, or you can join an existing one.

The methods to guide them are basically the same but obviously the bigger the boat the more cooperation from everyone wants us, that said we can also start with explanations.

Set anchor!

As soon as we start a new game we'll find ourselves in one of the various outpost on the map and we'll just have to go to the dock to find our ship.

Once on board in order to set sail, we will first have to lift the anchor completely off the bottom, otherwise the ship will remain inexorably immobile.

In the big ship the mechanism to handle the anchor is positioned on the deck.
In the small ship, the anchor mechanism is aft.

To do so we'll need to get closer to the lever, use the action button, F by default, walk forward, holding W, and wait until the piston in the center of the cylinder we're rotating shows its golden ring. Once this is done we will hear the metallic sound of the anchor chain we have just lifted, this is the signal that we are no longer immobile.

The process can be speeded up if several crew members act on each lever of the cylinder at the same time.

Raise the sails!

Now that we are no longer anchored to the bottom is the right time to open the sails and start sailing the seas in search of the priceless treasures that await us.

This is the tie rod that allows the sail height to be adjusted.

In fact, in order to be able to start we will have to go close to the tie rod and press the action button, after that we can control the height of the sail, and then the speed of the boat, using the S button to open it and W to close it, if it is totally open it will receive more wind and the ship will go faster, if it is only partially open it will go slower.

Once this is done, we can take the helm and start sailing around the seas.

Wind in the stern!

Adjusting the opening of the sail is necessary to move but unfortunately it is not enough to go really fast, in fact if we are not in favor of wind we are the ship will still be very slow. But to overcome this inconvenience we have the possibility to turn the sail to accumulate as much wind as possible and go like a splinter.

This is the pulley that allows us to adjust the angle of the sail.

To turn the sail, simply approach the pulley and press the action button, then we can control the angle using the A and D buttons to turn it left and right. In this way we can position them in favor of the wind, increasing the speed a lot.

To understand in which direction the wind is blowing, just look at the white stripes that represent it, but if we really can't understand in which direction they are going we can always take a look at the flag on the ship.

The semi-transparent strips between the sails represent the wind and its direction.

If I drink, I don't drive, if I drive, I don't drink.

One last piece of advice: Don't drink grog before you take the helm, even just one mug can seriously impair your psychomotor skills and above all will make you vomit your soul. More and more often it happens that a drunkenly drunk crew leads their ship to crash into the other berths, causing both of them to sink.

The grog is located in the hold of each boat, in its beautiful blue barrel, to take a drop just approach with the mug in hand, selectable by holding Q and moving the cursor to the icon of the desired object, and then press the action text. Once you've done that, you'll have a full mug, have a good drink!

Here is the delicious grog, the drink that pirates love so much.

Now you should be perfectly able to speed through the water like experienced sea wolves and successfully escape from other ships if you are in trouble, but if you really have to fight then it is better to have a look at the naval combat guide.

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