Sea of Thieves: Merchant Alliance Guide

The Merchants' Alliance is one of the three trading companies in Sea of Thieves with which you can travel and complete missions.

This trading company focuses on delivering cargo to customers. Since these are commercial agreements, the Merchants Alliance is very careful about deadlines, therefore, the player's primary goal is to bring the cargo to the customer as soon as possible in order to get the agreed payment. The faster you can reach your goal, the better.

Choosing to work for this trading company means taking a predominantly non-confrontational approach, preferring instead to exchange goods with traders. However, in order to carry out the various tasks you can adopt the style best suited to the situation.

Once you have found the cargo that needs to be delivered (which may often include live animals), you will need to go at full speed to the client and make sure that your goods are not stolen during transport at sea.

Compared to the missions of the order of souls, where it is required to make its way through hordes of unfriendly skeletons, those of the Alliance will often take you in search of livestock to take on board the ship to be sold to those in need.

The missions of the Merchants' Alliance in Sea of Thieves focus on trade. You will often have to recover cargo (including animals) and deliver it on time.

Promotions in the Merchants' Alliance

If you decide to work for the Merchants' Alliance, you can advance in the ranks of the company reaching increasingly prestigious promotions. These are available when the player has reached a minimum reputation with the Alliance, so just level up, each level corresponds to a promotion, and they can be purchased for a certain amount of gold. Each promotion unlocks more items, including the best missions of the Alliance, which require the delivery of more goods in less time.

PromotionLevelPrice (Gold)
Merchant Sailor5100
Merchant Mariner10200
Merchant Cadet15400
Merchant Bosun20600
Merchant Officer25??
Merchant Lieutenant30600
Merchant Commander35??

How to advance in the ranks of the Merchants' Alliance

As for the other companies, the player has the opportunity to advance in the ranks of the Alliance and unlock titles that increase the reputation. To do so, you need to complete the "Commendations", mini-quests that you can reach while you are on your normal travels. Each title is unlocked by completing the tasks listed in the table.

Title Unlocked
Complete 10 Journeys for the Merchants' AllianceMerchant Voyager
Earn 1000 gold units with Alliance TravelsGilded Merchant
Sail 10 nautical miles in Alliance TravelsSailor of the Merchant Alliance
Buy 5 Travels of the Merchants AllianceMerchant Adventurer
Delivery 20 crates of bananas on timeMerchant Forager
Delivery 20 crates of wood on timeMerchant Shipwright
Delivery 20 cannonballs on scheduleCast Iron Merchant
Delivery of 20 kegs of gunpowder on scheduleBlack Powder Merchant
Delivery 20 Hens on timeMerchant of the Dawn Caller
Delivery 20 Pigs on timeMerchant of the Wild Hog
Delivery 20 Snakes on timeMerchant of the Serpent's Scale
Delivery 10 Golden Animals on scheduleMerchant of the Grand Fauna

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