Sea of Thieves : Combat Guide to Naval Battles

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The sea of Sea of Thieves is very dangerous, teeming with action-hungry pirates willing to get rich looking for treasures not on the islands, but on other players' ships. Whether or not you belong to this ugly category of sailors in any case you will have to know how to manage your ship properly, if you have difficulty look at the guide on how best to guide your ship, then you must know how to use the cannons, go to boarding and, in case of victory, party. Every self-respecting pirate knows how to do each of these things perfectly, especially the last one, and the unprepared ones succumb quickly.

But don't worry, if you're a novice, or want to learn more about the mechanics Sea of Thieves , we've prepared a little guide on how to be ferocious buccaneers and not make a bad impression at sea.

Fire in the hole!

Guns are the main weapon you will use during seafights, these big pieces of artillery shoot metal balls that pierce the hull of ships as if it were paper. Their number varies according to the size of the ship, if you have the small ship we will have only two, one on each side, if you have the galleon we will even have eight, four on each side.

Firing cannonballs can seem complicated at first, so practice a lot!
Make sure you have enough!

But regardless of the size of the boat the first thing we'll want to do is just shoot with cannons, which in itself is very simple, just stock up on cannonballs from the red barrels, load the cannon and fire. But it is when you want to hit something specific, like a ship, a skeleton or another pirate, that things get very complicated.

In fact you'll immediately notice that when you aim and shoot at a target while your ship is moving the shot will not go parallel to the cannon and then you will only make a hole in the water, this is because in the game is implemented an excellent bullet physics, so the cannonball will also be affected by the speed of the ship itself, but since we are pirates we are not interested in these things.

All we need to know is that if the target is stationary and we are moving we will have to aim a little earlier, while if it is also moving we will have to aim a little later. With a little practice, we will become excellent gunners.

Let's take on water!

During a naval combat may happen that your boat is hit by a cannonball, this creates a hole from where the water starts to enter, if not repaired immediately the ship can seriously risk sinking.

Always remember to repair your ship. Even a single breach in the hull can be fatal!
The wooden planks will save your life.

Luckily it is possible to repair these holes by taking the wooden planks from the special barrels and clicking on the damaged part, we will have to keep pressing until the loading bar is finished.

Once this is done the ship will no longer take more water, but in any case we will have to remove the present one, to do so we will use the bucket, with which we can take water from the hold, go on deck and throw it overboard.

On the other hand, if your ship receives more than one damage and you have doubts about which one you have to repair first, know that you have to give priority to the holes in the bottom of the ship, which let in water at a frightening speed, especially on the galleon.


It often happens that in the heat of battle you find yourself short of cannonballs, in these cases a normal sailor would be desperate, but not a pirate, because he knows that this is the right time to assault the enemy ship.

The physical structure of a pirate is not suitable to be shot from a cannon, but he doesn't know it and does it anyway.

There are various ways to make a boarding with flakes, you can launch into the sea and start swimming, you can crash your ship on that target, or you can use one of the most beloved methods by pirates, shooting from a cannon.

To do this madness just approach an unloaded cannon, aim it at the ship you want to assault, slide from the mouth of the cannon and left click to shoot you. In this way you can jump quickly where you want, but be careful because if you miss your aim you will find yourself far away from your boat or you could simply die.

Fighting skeletons can be a good way to train with sabre.

Once on the enemy ship, we'll probably find ourselves drawing our saber to defeat the enemy pirates, and here we find ourselves before the simple combat syste Sea of Thieves m of , which is based on three actions, the slash, parry and lunge. We should remember that the slash, left mouse button, can be rendered ineffective by a parry, right mouse button, which in turn can be broken by the lunge, holding down the left button.

Yo ho, go with the violin...

In case you come out victorious, congratulations, now is the time to grab the booty of your opponents and go and sell it to Gold Hoarder to enrich you further, but first the pirate tradition requires you to celebrate.

You can also find yourself in the inn for an unlimited supply of grog.
One banana a day...

In fact it is customary that the whole crew drinks grog as if there was no tomorrow after fighting a tough battle. After having drunk enough of it you can use the bowl, which a few moments before you used to avoid sinking the ship, to collect your vomit and throw it on some crew member.

Finally, remember that after a fight you may find yourself in poor health, so you need to eat some bananas, which you will find in special barrels, to fill the bar of life.

In addition, if you want to live a really pirate experience in Sea of Thieves look at the beautiful dedicated gamepad, made by Microsoft, great for raids and surrender.

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