Saturday Night Slam Masters SNES cheats and codes

Saturday Night Slam Masters, which in Japan is known under the title of Muscle Bomber - The Body Explosion, is a type video game fighting versus multidirectional developed and published by Capcom in 1993.

We can rightly say that Saturday Night Slam Masters is the first wrestling video game of the Japanese software house, which in those years wanted to ride the wave of a very popular sport not only in the United States but also in Italy.
Although the game follows the amazing graphics of titles such as Street Fighter II e Final Fight (from which he also borrows some of the characters), the success of audiences and critics was rather poor, although this did not prevent Capcom from churning out a sequel, called Muscle Bomber Duo - Ultimate Team Battle. If you are looking for some trick for this game, we have what you need.

Start a single match and lose. When you continue, choose the character you purposely got yourself beaten up by and go to the next arena. If you keep doing this, you will come to face Jumbo Jack.

While you are fighting, step on the ropes and press the Pin button. Your character should turn red, allowing you to deal more damage when attacking the opponent.

In a single match, go down from the ring, grab a weapon to the left or right of the mat and press B and then Y to throw the weapon into the ring.

Saturday Night Slam Masters - SNES

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