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Sam & Max Hit the Road it's a hilarious one graphic adventure point and click, a video game developed and manufactured by LucasArts in 1993, first for MS-DOS and later, in 1995, for Mac OS on both floppy and CD.

From public and critics, this videogame is considered an authentic milestone in its genre, both for the innovations it has introduced at the level of graphic engine, both for its comedy, at times truly disarming.
Wonderful characters, Sam & Max, taken from the comic Sam & Max: Freelance Police, by Steve Purcell. Purcell himself, together with Sean Clark, Collette Michaud and Michael Stemmle worked on the drafting of the game's design, characterized precisely by a constant presence of humor, which pervades every situation and makes it very enjoyable.

Sam is a 183 cm tall anthropomorphic dog and Max a 91,5 cm rabbit: together they must investigate the disappearance of Bruno the bigfoot and Trixie, the girl with the giraffe neck. Their journey through America is something unique, an experience to enjoy and fully savor!

When the credits appear at the end of the game, click on any word and Sam or Max will shoot the texts.

Try to pick up an item that cannot be picked up, try and retry several times. Each time, Sam will say that it cannot be picked up but at some point he will burst into tears. Max will scold you for your deplorable gesture!

Sam & Max Hit the Road - PC


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