Rygar NES cheats and codes

Rygar is a platform video game developed as an arcade by Tecmo in 1986 and subsequently converted for various platforms including Nintendo Entertainment System, C64, Sega Master system and Atari Lynx.

The version NES sees the same setting as the arcade game but its mechanics are totally different from that of the original version. The sequel to the game is Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, released in November 2002 for PlayStation 2, with 3D graphics. Rygar is a platform game, very popular at the time, consisting of 27 horizontal scrolling levels in which our hero must defeat numerous enemies. Only the last level sees the presence of a final boss.
The main character can jump, run, crouch and hit enemies with his weapon, a spiked shield tied to a chain. If the enemies touch us or if we are hit by a bullet we lose a life. Even falling into the precipices between one platform and another one loses a life, while in the levels we can also find improvements for the weapon and various bonuses.

To use this trick you need an NES Advantage controller. Set the turbo to maximum and hold A and B at the same time. Fall off a cliff. When done correctly, the cheat causes your character to appear at the top of the screen. From here you can fly or glide smoothly to the ground.

While fighting Belzar, stay to the left of the door, heading left. At this point, let Belzam throw you a beam: if done correctly, the trick allows you to go out the door, but losing a life. Press START and you will start from Ligar again.

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