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Rolan's Curse, known in Japan as Velious Roland no Majuu, is a action / adventure video game developed in 1990 by Sammy and published for the handheld console Nintendo Game Boy.

Sammy developed also a sequel to the video game: it is Rolan's Curse II, also released for Game Boy in 1992. The plot is as follows: once, the inhabitants of Rolan were terrified by the evil King Barius, before the latter was imprisoned in a castle located in the middle of a dense forest. Many years later, the King was released and immediately turned his anger towards the inhabitants of Rolan, against whom he unleashed legions of monsters. We therefore need a hero to defeat the King and his minions.
A bit like in the games that are part of the Zelda series, even in Rolan's Curve you go from screen to screen and in each being you have to defeat the monsters present. The hero has one at his disposal sword, but can find other useful items: in addition to treasure chests, there are also hearts and gloves of strength. You can handle two objects at the same time: a weapon and another object of your choice.

Among the weapons available, even a fiery magic wand, with which to carry out attacks from a distance. Rolan's Curse can also be played in 2-player multiplayer.

GDRS SKLL - Level 2
GJRT STTP - Level 3
GSRT TKKP - Level 4

KMHS SBBL - All hearts. Level 2 Attack.
KLPN SCBL - All hearts. Level 3 Attack.
KMCS SLBB - Start with all hearts.

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