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There are titles that are sometimes not very good in some platforms, while in high ones they are good and fun titles.

Apparently, Surround the Sky Soldier belongs to that class, which unfortunately led the game to be plagued by a bad name because of the version Nintendo Wii U. We assume that the version we tested is the version for Nintendo 3DS, and that the latter is very good compared to the version for Nintendo Wii U, but the ultimate experience lies in the - now - retired original Wii.

L'uscita di Surround the Sky Soldier is the proof of the return of Yuji Naka, a developer now forgotten by many, and regretted by a few.

A story in the clouds

The story of Surround the Sky Soldier it is one of those most favorable points of the production, as it showcases a very light but interesting story, which helps a lot to gloss over certain disastrous technical aspects, thus continuing the journey into the colorful world it has to offer.

The main focus is on Rodea and the princess, who during a conflict will send our beloved hero along with a half of the key to the world.

The main purpose is to bring peace to the world and to do so, Surrounds, it will resort to the help of different people and powers.

The story is very reminiscent of some Japanese anime, with scenes where the protagonist regains knowledge and typical cut scenes of the hero's omnipotence.

The game takes place on three islands, in which the worst curses will come to the surface without ifs and buts, and despite this, it fails to make the player detach from these phases, since in some ways it refers to the latter at the times - now - remote from the titles of yore.

Illuminated but does not shine

The gameplay of the game is very simple, the phases in flight predominate within the game, since we will mostly find ourselves plowing the skies of the game, from collecting coins to destroying enemies or objects in flight.

Our Rodea will also have phases on dry land, a bit like it happened with Kid Icarus, given that on land most of the time there are some of the main objectives of the story.

Although the structure at first appearance may seem linear, since each scenario involves the same thing, namely the destruction of objects, enemies and the boss, the game offers a vast freedom in search of the most hidden secrets within the level, also giving a certain sense of freedom to the player.

Unfortunately, the game is not without problems, starting from the commands, since the keys for the camera are their own devils who have come down to earth, since several minutes will pass before being able to set the camera in the right way and creating a certain sense of hysteria to the player.

The combat and navigation commands are very simple, nothing so complicated, since Rodea has a few buttons dedicated to attack and a button intended for flight and maneuvers for the latter.

Title of the past era

When playing Rodea the Sky Soldier, you feel that the game was intended to be played with a Wii Mote and for a stationary console such as the Nintendo Wii.

Unfortunately, the title suffers from several drops in framerate on Nintendo 3DS, especially in the early stages of the game, during the cut scenes there is a certain sense of woodiness that will annoy us until the end of the prologue, so for the first half hour of the game. .

Fortunately, although in the early stages the framerate is very danceable and the scenes seem very woody, during the course of history we will forget about the latter thanks to the videos with Portrait and in computer graphics at a much more decent speed than that offered by the initial prologue. .

The dubbing of the game is not bad at all, indeed, it was very pleasant to discover that the game has been localized in English, moreover, the music that accompanies this extravagant and tortured journey is very pleasant to the hearing and very delicate.

Final Comment

In conclusion we can say that despite the many defects that Rodea the Sky Soldier has with it, we can say that it is a unique production of its kind, which must be faced and perceived that substance that Yuji Naka wanted to instill in us.

It must be said that the title brings with it a not bad plot, which manages to make the player interested throughout its duration and also to excite him in a very incisive way. Summing up, the portable version of Rodea the Sky Soldier is not a disaster, but not a proper job either, the result is just a pleasant title to play despite the thousand flaws.

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