Rocket League Trophy Guide

Rocket League is a video game that combines football with vehicles, can there be a better mix? You'll be able to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS to get all the trophies, which couldn't be easier.

Rocket League Online Trophies

There is even trophy in this game that requires you to connect online, it is the following case:

Brave Bars.

This is the only online trophy in the game and you'll need the help of a friend to unlock it. Just create a private match and you will get the trophy when the match starts.

Rocket League Bug Trophies

There are some trophies that are Bugged or give an error when you complete the requirement. They are as follows:


You will need to collect 150 items to get this trophy. The items are obtained from the "Rocket Pass", as you progress you will get points that will unlock the rewards. With the "Free Pass" you will get items each time you unlock and when it completes you must wait for it to reset. If you want to progress faster you will have the option to buy the "Premium Pass" for 1000 credits to get a 50% XP and item upgrade per level obtained from the Rocket Pass.

Car Collector

You will need to collect 5 cars to get this trophy, which will happen while completing Stocked.

All Rocket League Trophies

In addition to the above trophies which are a bit different, you will need to get all of the following trophies:


This is the one you get when you unlock all the trophies.

Far, Far Away...

This is a cumulative trophy and you will have to drive a total of 50km to get it. It will pop automatically when you get it.

Super Victorious

You will need to win a total of 30 matches in any game mode to get this trophy. You don't need to focus on getting this trophy, as it will pop up as you play through the game as you win more and more matches.


To get this trophy you will need to win the season and then the season championship. On Rookie difficulty this is really easy.

The streak

You have to win 10 games in a row without losing or drawing in Exhibition or Season to get this achievement.

Helen's Pride

To get this trophy you must, during a single match, score 6 goals against your opponent.

Drops in the Glass

You will need to collect 50 items to earn this trophy.


To get this trophy you must complete the standard season.


You will get this trophy by customizing the decal, trim, throttle and wheels of a car.

Field Veteran

You will need to play a total of 20 matches in any game mode to get this trophy, it is quite easy as it is cumulative.

Driver Lockout

You have to make 20 saves in Exhibition or Season matches to get this achievement. The quick way to unlock this trophy is to go into hard mode and wait in your area. When the enemy attacks you will have to clear to get "Saves" or "Epic Saves".

Breaking Shot

You will have to score a goal by hitting your opponent with the ball to get this trophy.

Turbo Charger

You will have to use your rocket booster for a total of 5 minutes to get this trophy, it won't be a problem as it is cumulative.

Drill Sergeant

You will need to complete all the practice drills. You don't have to do them particularly well, just complete them all. The 3 types of drills you will encounter are: Goalkeeper, Forward and Aerial.

Minute to win it

If you want to get this trophy you will have to, with only 60 seconds left, win the game in which you were drawing or losing.

Speed Demon

You will have to completely fill and then re-empty your rocket booster 10 times in a single match for this achievement, it is also cumulative.

Wall Climber

You're going to have to drive up the dome walls for a total of 5 minutes for this trophy and it's cumulative.

Team Player

You will have to play against all teams in a single season to get this trophy. An easy way to get this trophy is to play a 9 week season and when you finish the season the trophy will pop automatically.

SARPBC Forever

Play a match with Octane and Backfire and you will unlock this trophy.

Clean Sheet

You're going to have to win a game without a goal to get this trophy, you'll probably get it naturally.

Triple Threat

You have to play a 3v3 match and win it to get this trophy.

Twisted from Pain

You will have to play a 2v2 match and win it. It's easiest in these cases to do it on Rookie difficulty.

Singles Club

In this case, you will have to play a 1v1 match and win it.

Perfect Start

This trophy will be unlocked when you win your first match of the season.

Know the drill

You will simply need to complete a practice drill to win it. It doesn't matter how difficult or perfect it is.


You will get it when you play a match in 6 different arenas.


You will unlock this trophy automatically when you score your first goal.

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