Road Rash Sega Mega Drive passwords and codes

Road Rash it's a motorcycling video game developed and published in 1991 by the Electronic Arts. In this fun video game for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis - but later converted for other systems - the player is the protagonist of illegal motorcycle races with a high rate of violence and adrenaline.

The title of the game indicates a slang term that identifies severe burns resulting from friction that can occur during a motorcycle race, when the skin comes into contact with the asphalt at high speed. The Road Rash view is in third person, Hang-On style so to speak. The player takes part in illegal motorcycle races and to switch to Next Level must be classified in the first 3 positions. There are natural obstacles such as traffic but also the possibility of punching and kicking opponents when they come alongside. Some opponents, however, are armed with batons and others weaponry blunt instruments, which can however be snatched from other pilots' hands.

To get the Wild Thing 2000, at the bike selection screen press and hold UP, A, C and then SELECT. Hear a sound, a kind of “Yeah!”. The bike in question touches the 200 MPH, 255 with the Turbo.

Try these passwords to give you a top bike and a large sum of money for each level.

Level 1 00000 07DJ1 12G9A 1786E

Level 2 00000 07O71 13IJJ 2N7SR

Level 3 00000 07QF0 03JS3 37GL5

Level 4 00000 083O0 12NIK 473FC

To get this bike, enter the following password: 10000 02fm0 101b1 177e9

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