Ristar Mega Drive passwords and tricks

Ristar, known in Japan as Ristar the Shooting Star, is a platform video game developed in 1995 from Sonic Team for the console Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, as well as for Sega Game Gear.

The protagonist of the videogame is one anthropomorphic star dressed up in sneakers and gloves, she uses her extendable arms to move through the various levels of the game and fight opponents who stand before her. Ristar never had a sequel, although the little star appears as a flag-waver in the racing game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
The game is set in the distant galaxy known as the Valdi System, where unrest is taking place. Greedy, an evil alien, has corrupted the leader of the Seven Planet System and enslaved the inhabitants. The son of a legendary hero hears the prayers of the poor inhabitants: his name is Ristar and, while not the most skilled warrior in the galaxy, he boasts extendable arms able to attack enemies and perform numerous functions. Ristar can grab ladders, trees, poles, handles, and scramble up ravines and steep obstacles.


Ristar is entirely developed in 2D and despite being a rather classic platform video game, in the Sonic or Super Mario style to be clear, it is quite enjoyable and well done.

STAR A - A shooting star appears in the background
AGES - Copyright info is displayed
CANDY - Invincibility
YYYYAA - No limit of Continue
VALDI - Shows the Solar System
ILOVEU - Level selection
SUPERB - Super hard mode
DOFEEL - Time Attack Mode

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