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Return Fire is a video game developed by Silent Software, Inc. in 1995 for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. the PC version dates back to 1996 and the same year is the conversion for Sony PlayStation.

Heir to Fire Power (1987) and predecessor of Return Fire 2 (1998), this title is a shooter game which features various vehicles. The player's goal is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to their base. Welcomed by audiences and critics in a very warm way for his gameplay unusual, for the fun multiplayer mode and for a really well done soundtrack, Return Fire is remembered by 3DO lovers as one of the best games ever to appear on this console. 
In Return Fire there are four vehicles, each of them with specific skills. Each vehicle can carry a certain amount of fuel and ammunition (which can still be refilled) and boasts specific attack and resistance values. If a vehicle runs dry and can no longer move, the driver jumps out of the vehicle and eventually reaches another one.

The tank has a 360 ° rotating turret and the ability to shoot at air or ground targets. The helicopter cannot refuel ammo and fuel unless it returns to base. The rocket launcher is the most armored of the vehicles, but also the slowest. The jeep is very fast, it can cross water but it is quite fragile and it only takes one hit to destroy it.

While you have a vehicle outside the hangar, press SQUARE + X + CIRCLE + TRIANGLE to self-destruct.

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