Resident Evil PS1 cheats and codes

resident evil, which in Japan is known as Bio Hazard, is a survival horror video game developed and distributed by Capcom: is the first chapter of the very successful Resident Evil saga, first appeared for PlayStation and then for Sega Saturn and PC as well as for Nintendo GameCube and Wii in remake version.

The term survival horror was created and used for the first time by Capcom itself. The software house sensed that the videogame could give life to a new genre and so it actually happened, even if in the past titles had already been published that could very well have been part of this genre. 
Resident Evil is also one of the first videogames ever released for Sony PlayStation 1. It clearly draws inspiration from other cult games, Alone in the Dark and Sweet Home (inspired by the film of the same name) above all. Without forgetting the influence that George Romero's films have had, where i not dead - Or zombie if you prefer - they are the masters. Disturbing and dark, Resident Evil is able to test the nerves of the most inveterate player: a great challenge and an adventure to be experienced!


In the main menu, start a new game and position yourself above the advanced difficulty level. Keep the RIGHT button pressed until the writing is highlighted in green, then choose the advanced difficulty level, which will now become easier. At this point choose Chris or Jill, who will have different outfits than usual.

For unlimited use of the rocket launcher, finish the game within 3 hours. After the credits have passed, you will see a rocket fly. Wait for the game to restart, then select a new game. You will start the game with a rocket launcher.

Resident Evil - PS1


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