Resident Evil 7 - Guide to Alternative Endings

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Resident Evil VII offers several alternative endings and, as we said in our complete solution, to complete the game 100% you need to face them both. The purpose of this guide is to explain how to get them, we will try to make as few spoilers as possible but in some places unfortunately it will be inevitable.

Good ending

Towards the end of the trip you will have to make an important decision and choose whether to save Mia, your wife, or Zoe with the serum at your disposal. Choosing Mia will unlock the good ending where you won't have to fight her later and, at the end of the adventure (spoiler), you'll be saved directly by Umbrella Corporation agents. Probably this is the happy ending, you entered the villa to save your wife and in the end you succeeded.

Bad ending

Not a big fan of Mia's? No problem, you can give the serum to Zoe and leave your (ex) wife to her fate with the promise to come back later to save her. There's just one small problem though (spoiler): after a short time Zoe will be killed and you'll have to deal with Mia, more angry and murderer than ever. After completing the game the Umbrella agents will arrive, but they will only save you and therefore you will not reach your goal (you won't help Zoe or Mia).

How to unlock both finals without playing two games

It's a really simple trick: before you make the famous choice go to the last safe room and create a separate save file to upload later.

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