Resident Evil 7 - Complete Solution and Guide

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- Resident Evil 7 Complete Solution and Guide - Resident Evil VII is a fascinating and mysterious game, it's easy to miss something or get stuck in certain areas so we believe that a complete solution can be useful not only for those who want to complete the game 100%, but also for those who simply want to make the most of their visit to the Bakers' villa. We'll try not to spoiler as much as possible, but in some sections unfortunately this will be unavoidable.


The path to the villa - Guide

The game starts with you in the car, you can look around but you don't have the chance to interact with objects or drive. Get off and take the only road available, it will lead you to the huge Baker's villa. Unfortunately (or luckily) the gate is closed and nobody will come to open it, so you are forced to turn left and go straight on. Going forward you will come across a broken-down van and opening the door you will find a book to examine: you can't pick it up but try to remember the title because it will come in handy later. At this point you can only continue and, once you reach a creepy gate with a kind of effigy made of animal remains, you just have to get down and crawl (beware of crows).

At this point, continuing along the road you will arrive at the guest house, the prologue location of the game. Before entering, retrieve Mia's license from her handbag on the floor next to the garbage.

The guest house - Guide

Take a deep breath and enter the guest house, get used to the almost total absence of light and try to look around. The door behind you is locked and you can't escape, so take the corridor with the wardrobe with the chain and reach the kitchen. When you examine the room you will find newspaper clippings and objects to interact with, but you will not be able to pick up practically anything (hopefully you have a strong stomach). At this point take courage and go beyond the kitchen, at the crossroads go up the stairs and ignore the flashing switch for the moment. On the table in front of you there are two things: an old recorder with which you can manually save the game and a VHS tape. After you have taken it go down the stairs and turn right, you will reach a small room where all the doors will be closed except one. When you open it you will find yourself in the living room, a big dark room where you can interact with many objects (even in this case, however, we can not collect anything). Ignore for the moment the fuses on the right and point directly to the old TV, insert the collected box on the upper floor and enjoy the movie.

Dive into the past - Guide

The video shows you a group of three people who came to the house to record a transmission about paranormal entities, the tone is initially joking but it soon degenerates. In this section for obvious reasons you can not collect anything and you find yourself retracing the path made a few minutes before in the role of another character. The most important passage in the video is about halfway through: we can see that in the fireplace on the left of the TV there is a button that unlocks a secret passage. At this point finish the video and go back in Ethan's shoes.

Love found - Guide

Activate the secret passage seen in the video and go down the stairs, you will find files and images to examine useful for the plot. At this point go straight ahead and...surprise! In the cell in front of you is Mia, the woman for whom you have reached that remote villa is a few meters from you and you can reach her. Open the cell door and interact with her, but first take the pliers on the table on your left. In the cell you will also find various objects to study and observe, but soon you will have to leave that place and follow your terrified wife. Let Mia lead the way, don't touch the phone for the moment and retrieve the complete map of the setting in the cabinet with the lamp. Go ahead and open the door on the left: you will reach a disgusting bathroom where you can collect two very useful medical solutions (one is in the cabinet, the other in front of you). At this point you just have to get out of the bathroom and go on, at a certain point you will reach a room with an axe (your first weapon) and you will be forced to fight: the fight is very simple so take advantage of it to practice body fighting (remember to activate the guard!). After you stop fighting, answer the phone, remember to retrieve the axe and continue through the passage that opened.

Terror and guns - Driving

At this point go back to the part of the house you have already visited through the passage (first remember to save), go to the closet with the chain before the kitchen and use the pliers. Retrieve the fuse, go to the living room and insert it in the only available slot (you can easily orient yourself with the map, there are the names of all the individual rooms). Go back to the staircase, go upstairs and press the switch you ignored before: this will give you access to the attic. Remember to retrieve your gun and ammunition from the room on the right and when you are ready, climb up the ladder in front of you. Here you will face your first boss, to defeat him you don't need special tactics and you only need to shoot accurately.


Dinner with the enemy (dining room and hallway) - Guide

After a daring series of events you find yourself having dinner with the Baker family. Enjoy the movie, then get up out of your chair and start looking around. Ignore the grandmother, she won't bother you for the moment, and take some time to examine the newspaper clippings and objects in plain sight in the dining room and living room. Then get to the small kitchen, right in front of the table, and retrieve the healing herbs from the rubbish bin.

At this point exit the kitchen and take the long corridor that runs through the entire lower floor of the villa: your goal is to retrieve the key on top of the cabinet and avoid being discovered and killed by Jack. The good Baker is extremely strong, but he's also pretty slow so you shouldn't have too many problems getting around him (watch out for the shovel!). After retrieving the key enter the breach opened by Jack and use it on the hatch in the top left corner of the room (if you have time you can also stop to examine the objects present). Go down the hatch, close the passage behind you and go straight on, retrieve the antique coin on the lawnmower and reach the safe room.

When you get there you can take a deep breath, deposit what you don't need in the box, combine the compatible items and finally save the game. Take the pick from the box on the right shelf and the herbs and fluids from the cabinet in the corner. After you have done all this, go to the door and answer the phone.

Garage and boss fight with Jack - Drive

Leave the safe room, walk to the front door and talk to the new NPC (we won't tell you who). Accept the knife and use it to break the figurine of Mr. Everywhere down the hall, avoid wasting unnecessary blows on these collectables. In the locked cabinet there is only a medical fluid, you decide whether to use the picklock or not.

Now take the stairs to the garage (you can't go wrong), use the knife to break the duct tape and press the big red button to raise the shutter. Before entering, remember to break the box with the yellow tape, you will recover some ammunition that will be very useful later on.

At this point you will find yourself in a one-on-one confrontation with dear old Jack. The first thing to do is to retrieve the gun from the ground (it is just behind Mr. Baker), at this point avoid shovel shots and run to the box on the right of the front door. After retrieving the car keys, start the engine and run over Jack until an animated sequence starts. After the fight is over, retrieve the chemical fluid, herbs and first aid kit from the garage (it's all in the furniture along the walls).


Entrance to the salon (blue dog head)

Now grab the ladder and climb the scaffolding in the garage, retrieve the ammunition for the shotgun and the piece of the golden mosaic (from which you will have to detach the bull statue). Leave the garage and return to the corridor from which you came, use the statue obtained just before to open the entrance hall door.

After entering, break the statue of Mr. Everywhere to the right of the entrance and answer the phone. Take some time to examine the room and take a look at the newspaper clippings and pictures. As you can see the front door is locked and you need three dog-heads to unlock it, but before you leave for your search there are a couple of things to do. Ignore for the moment the room with the rifle and the one with the projector, retrieve the gunpowder from the cupboard and the antique coin from the cabinet drawer nearby. Go back to the door you came in and retrieve the healing herbs, then go to the cupboard under the stairs and collect the chemical fluid (combine it immediately with the grass).

At this point take a flight of stairs (no matter which one) and head to the game room (it is very easy to reach and clearly marked on the map). Here you will find a book and, opening it, you will get the first dog's head, the blue one. We also recommend you to watch the VHS tape thanks to the TV present, it is not compulsory but it is still a fun interlude.

Before leaving the games room examine the objects present, retrieve the gunpowder from the basket and the antique coin (it is near the closed door of the grandmother's room, in the area you will also find a state of Mr. Everywhere to smash).

A disgusting bath

At this point leave the room and go out on the long balcony. At the end you will find a case to be broken with ammunition for the gun, while continuing there is a cabinet with grass and chemical fluid to combine. Reach the bathroom and retrieve the antique coin in the toilet, in the drawer between the sinks you can collect ammunition for the gun so take advantage of it. Before leaving the room empty the tub (how disgusting) and retrieve a strange wooden object that will come in handy in the projector room on the ground floor. While you are doing these operations the good Jack will come back to visit you but don't worry too much, aim at his head and stretch him out as long as it takes to escape.

Back in the hall (white dog head)

At this point go back down to the hall opposite the entrance and head towards the old clock to retrieve the pendulum. After you have done this, go back to the living room next to the dining room (the Bakers' dinner room) and insert the pendulum into the clock: this way you will immediately get the white dog's head.

Now all you have to do is go back in the entrance hall, insert the dog heads recovered in the door and then head to the projector room: here you have to use the wooden object found in the bathroom and make a shadow similar to the one depicted in the picture in front of you (it doesn't have to be exactly the same). After you have done this, confirm and go to a new area of the house.


The Molded

Welcome to a new area of the house! The first thing to do is to retrieve the bullets for the rifle behind the frame, then pick up the bullets under the deer, take the piss-pots on the table (they will be very useful) and open the fridge to take the chemical fluid to combine with the grass (you will find it in the pot). At this point break the box in the room for more ammunition (you can also find some in the cabinet drawer) and move on to the next room. Here you will find a locked box (there are bullets inside for the rifle), items to be examined and gunpowder.

Continuing along the only available road you will meet the Molded for the first time but don't get too scared. These monsters are dangerous, but with a bit of calm and precision you can get rid of them quickly. Never aim at the body and always aim your head and arms to make them jump (always activate your guard before receiving a shot). Continuing on, you will find a flight of stairs and a door, avoid the first one and go decisive towards the second one: it is a useful rescue point where you will also find various ammunition.

The scorpion's key

At this point you should have everything you need to make a massacre, then leave the room and head for the flight of stairs that you ignored just before. Go downstairs and slaughter anything that comes your way. Ignore the door on the right, go straight ahead and at the fork in the road open the blue door here you will find a key object: the scorpion's key (it's in the middle of that disgusting substance). Before leaving the room take the map of the area on the wall, the antique coin from the slot (you have to kneel down), the photo showing you the location of the treasure (the room is that of the deer, you will find an upgrade for maximum life), break the boxes to get the ammunition, collect all the herbs and take the picklock from the fridge.

At this point, take a deep breath and prepare yourself because the situation will heat up very soon.

The long road to the rifle

Leave the room and retrace your steps back to where you saved the last time. You'll encounter several enemies along the way, and decide whether to run away or face them with your gun. When you arrive at your destination you will find a closed door with the scorpion symbol on the other side of the corridor, open it and... surprise! You are back in the hall. Take the stairs again and orient yourself with the map to reach your grandmother's room to open the door with the scorpion key (watch out for Mr. Baker).

After entering the grandmother's room take the ammunition for the rifle on the bed, the ammunition for the gun in the cabinet, the gasoline in front of the cabinet and the chemical fluid on the side of the room. There is also a rifle but unfortunately it is broken. At this point go back to the main hall and go to the room with the statue with the rifle, take it and replace it with the broken one to get out. The shotgun that you placed on the statue will come in handy later, we will talk about it later.


The enigma of the incinerator (the last dog's head)

At this point you have to go back again and reach the area where you found the scorpion key (save it first). This time don't open the blue door but aim at the other one, you will find yourself in a room with several incinerators and you will have to solve a simple puzzle. First open the one on the right, then the one with the red hand and finally the one on the left. After you have done this, kill the molded man and retrieve the key to the autopsy room. Before leaving the room, collect the gunpowder.

Use the map you found just now to reach the autopsy room but get ready, along the way you will meet many enemies who will try to surround you. Use the rifle if necessary, don't waste any shots and clean up. Along the way you should find various ammunition and grass in a hole in the wall. Open the autopsy room and take a moment to look around: get the ammunition in front of you and the grass (it's all on display, why do you think?) and start climbing the stairs. Turn immediately to the right, take the chemical fluid and then continue again up the stairs to get the last dog's head.

Boss fight: Jack (chainsaw)

Him again? Him again. There are two ways to deal with this boss: either fill him with bullets or kick the bodies hanging around the room and send them after him. Much of Jack will switch to heavy armament and you'll have to be faster and more precise, but the basic strategy remains the same.

At a certain point the good Jack will drop his weapon and load you by breaking through a grate, take advantage of it and recover the chainsaw to go from prey to hunters (you find it right behind the grate broken by Jack). Arrived at this stage of the clash there are no particular strategies, do it in pieces taking advantage of the moments when it is unbalanced.


The world outside the villa

You put Jack down and retrieved the last dog's head, what more do you want? Come triumphantly back to the front hall and put it in the front door, you can finally get out. There are several items to collect before continuing, take the plant on the left and the pick from the vase on the right, leave the porch and turn right to retrieve an antique coin, but first take the gunpowder and the grass that are just in the last part of the area immediately in front of the entrance. Then smash the distorted iron and slip under the porch to get the repair kit.

At this point head towards the caravan, take the chemical fluid and gunpowder, stop for a moment and then get on board. Inside there are cages with some extremely interesting items: we have a life enhancement, a whole new weapon and an upgrade to the ability to reload the weapon (now you are faster and more accurate). You also find an ancient currency and this is the currency that allows you to buy the various upgrades.

Exploring the caravan you'll also find a broken gun, you'll see if you can repair it with the kit you found a while ago (it's slightly higher than the one you already have).

A house to fumigate

At this point answer the phone, get out of the trailer and go left. After a while you will reach a small bridge (the same as Mia's box), cross it and break the boxes to get the ammunition.

Enter the house in front of you and make your way to the guest room, watch out for insects and try to save ammunition using the knife if necessary. Continuing on you will reach a junction, turn left and retrieve fuel under the table on the left. At this point go straight ahead, go out on the balcony and take the ammunition, the chemical fluid and the burner handle. After you have done this go over the bridge and reach the new safe room, here you will find a nice backpack that will significantly improve your inventory.

After saving you go back to the junction before and go to the right and you will find several enemies but you should not have any problems. After cleaning up, take the fuel from the closet, the first aid kit from the drawer (it is locked) and the ammunition. Then go on entering the next room and take gunpowder, psychostimulants and picks (you have to turn the corner).

After taking everything out, go left and continue until you find a building: here you can take a map and the burner nozzle. The burner must be combined with the handle, this way you will get a perfect weapon to use against insects.


The Raven's key

Return to the insect-infested house and burn them mercilessly, they must explode at least three times before you die. Burn the spiders on the crate (sending them away with your bare hands would cause damage but you would get a trophy), open the door to the right of the cabinet and take out the nest. At this point bend down and take the passage you opened to get the ancient coin. Continue beyond the passage and collect the wooden object, then watch the video and take the door on the right going back.

Try to avoid Mrs. Baker as much as possible and make a massacre of insects, go straight ahead and reach the room with the projector (you will also find a moment to destroy the nest, take out the spiders and get the map and fuel).

At this point, solve the riddle of the shadow with the wooden object (it is identical to the one in Mia's box or the one in the entrance hall) and open the secret passage. Take the map on the left, the fuel and slip into the only hole present.

Take the crank and unlock the doorway back to the entrance of the house, go back to where you found the burner nozzle and use the crank to open a new path. Then go further and always use the crank to operate the bridge and retrieve the crow's key, fuel and an antique coin in the toilet.

The grenade launcher

Now you have to go back to the villa (happy eh?), reach the room with the deer and use the crow's key, you should not meet enemies in the area. You will reach a small room where you can get ammunition, chemical fluid, fuel and a beautiful grenade launcher (with ammunition, you can make them with more fuel fluid).

Now you have everything you need, leave the villa and go back to the lovely Mrs. Baker in her main house.


Marguerite (Boss Fight)

After a friendly chat with the good Jack in the villa, it's time to deal with his better half: Marguerite. To start the fight you need to open the crow's door beyond the bridge activated with the crank.

This boss fight is not particularly insidious and will lead you to face hordes and hordes of insects sent by the woman. Don't load her when she falls into the pit and run away because you will only take some damage, use the rifle to hit her when she shows up and try not to waste too much ammunition. Shot after shot Marguerite will start to waver and after a while she'll finally die. To beat this boss, all you need is precision and bullets. Don't try to climb the ladder while she's still alive because you'll be dealing with insects.

The calm before the storm

You took out Marguerite too. Feels good, doesn't it? At this point you climb the ladder, open the door, examine the objects related to the plot and answer the phone. Continue, retrieve the antique coin from the cabinet and reach the locked door. After you have done this, go back to the well near which you fought just before to get Marguerite's lantern and solve the enigma.

At this point you will be on your way to the greenhouse and you can open a gate to quickly return to the caravan and villa. Save, upgrade and take the ladder to the greenhouse, retrieve the plants in the pots, fuel and chemical fluid on the tables, consider whether to take the incendiary ammunition in the closed drawer and throw yourself in the opening. Here you'll find psychostimulants while in the closet with the spiders you can take ammunition for the rifle and fluid.

Marguerite (boss fight 2)

Well, look who's back! This time you'll have to face a slightly different version of Marguerite that we won't say anything about in order not to spoiler. Fill her with shots and shoot at her with everything you have without restraint, try to aim at the belly but don't have too many scruples. Use the flamethrower to take out the bugs that will try to attack you and take advantage of the calm moments to get the ammunition back. Be very careful when he disappears or goes up to the ceiling because he is going to jump on you suddenly, so never let your guard down.

When you've finally put the monster down, take the lantern and go back to the barred door we talked about earlier.


The key to the snake

You killed Marguerite and the bugs are finally a thing of the past. Now use the lantern recovered after the battle with the boss and open the locked door, use the crow's key, continue to the children's room and enter the hidden door behind the dollhouse. Make sure you pick up the arm, then go out, reach the good old caravan (save and upgrade yourself each time) and answer the phone.

At this point return to the villa and head to the autopsy room using the map to get your bearings. Examine all the objects around the character you will find, follow Lucas' orders and retrieve the snake key.

They're coming out of the walls!

Things are starting to get interesting now, you won't be able to wander around the villa as if nothing had happened because you will encounter many more hostile entities. Always be on your guard and ALWAYS check the rooms before entering, only then you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Leave the autopsy room, go to the right and take the stairs, then use the snake key and enter. Pay attention to the Molded present and return to the entrance hall, then climb the flight of stairs and head for the bedroom. Use the snake key again, go in and take the chemical in the closet, the plant in the drawer, the pick in the box and the clock.

Head to the closet and pick up the treasure photo, the backpack upgrade and the map. After this, go back to the bedroom, use the clock and open the secret passageway by adjusting the time (you can check it in the main living room).

Red magnetic key

Enter the secret passageway and take the upgraded ammunition and the red magnetic key. Since the door behind you has closed, you are forced to pass through the basement of the house to get out and face several enemies. This particular section of the game is not at all simple but there are no particular tactics, try not to discover too much and be precise not to waste too many shots. After a hard battle you will finally get out, at this point you just have to go back to the game room and grandmother's room.


Blue magnetic key

Use the snake key and go into Lucas' old room, retrieve the plant from the pot, the ammunition under the table and in the cabinet and the lock-pick on the shelf. Go to the lamp/trophy, flip the switch and head to the attic, examine the toy axe and toy gun behind the ladder. Now retrieve the "Happy Birthday" box and solve the usual puzzle with shadows to open the dollhouse (nothing changes from the previous ones). Retrieve the chemical fluid and take the blue magnetic key, then leave the room and head for the front door.

If you want you can now replace the broken shotgun on the statue with a toy rifle and use the repair kit to get an upgraded rifle.

Happy birthday!

Abandon the villa, take out the molded and aim for the trailer. Go in and watch the "Happy Birthday" tape that you recovered just now, it's not compulsory but we suggest you do it anyway because it can be fun.

First you have to take the candle, then reach the room with the cake, go out and light your candle with gas from the stove. Unlock the door closed with the rope using the fire, enter and take the balloon from the closet, then exit, turn right, combine the balloon with the tube and retrieve the pen.

At this point go back to where you started, pull the drain, retrieve the telescope and walk under the water to wash it. Then use the telescope to look at the TV and memorize the inscription, then go back to the cake room. Once there, open the box with the memorized inscription and take the doll. Set the doll on fire on the gas and take the finger, then go to the entrance and put the pen in her hand. At this point use the crank and find out the password with which to open the balloon room and pick up the handle. Go back to the cake room and use the handle on the tube on the left before lighting all the candles again.

The black sheep

Go into Lucas' house and retrieve the maps at the end of the hall, then turn right. Enter the room and be careful, there are traps present then walk down and retrieve the ammunition in the box and on the shelf. Slowly open the next door and pay attention to the trap, then shoot one of the traps and pass unharmed.

Once in the corridor break the first box and ignore the second (it's a trap!), then take the stairs and continue to the next room. At this point turn around and shoot the cable, then bend down (it's a trap!) and enter the passage.


Trap Maniac

At this point you can really enjoy the hospitality of Lucas, the black sheep of the family who will give you the number sequences 0814, 0514 and 0621. After inserting them, avoid the door in front of you and aim at the opening on the right, enter and open again only the first box to retrieve the fluid. Continue avoiding traps and various dangers, do not be afraid to shoot to open the way when necessary.

At the end you will reach a door, open it and deactivate the traps with the gun, then take the coin from the drawer and the steroids (forget the yellow box). At this point continue and retrieve the grass (on the right) and ammunition (in the straw), be careful of enemies because you should meet many enemies. After you have killed them go on, get to the safe room and save them.

Deception and shooting

Leave the room safe and turn left, crack the box on the left and retrieve the chemical fluid. At this point continue, go down the stairs and retrieve the ammunition for the rifle in the box in the corner and on the table, a car battery and the ammunition for the gun in the box next to the battery. Don't break any more boxes than we said.

At this point all you have to do is put the battery in the battery slot and prepare for combat, you should have all the ammunition you need. Try to stay at a distance and always aim for the head, do not be afraid to use the rifle if necessary.

After the fight is over, take the elevator upstairs, walk down the corridor and into the new room. Take the chemical fluid in the library, analyze the body and make a note of the number. Finally, retrieve the antique coin on the shelf.


A new birthday

After taking the coin on the shelf, all you have to do is activate the ladder by pressing the appropriate button. Go down and use the clue found on the body just now to unlock the door, then leave everything you have in the trunk and continue. At this point all you have to do is repeat the sequence of the "Happy Birthday" box with some variations. First of all take the candle, then go to the cake room and blow it out. Turn it back on and burn the rope using the fire, then enter the balloon room and use the password Loser. At this point ignore the key in the barrel and take the valve, go back to the cake room and secure it to the pipe. To finish, go and light the candles on the cake again.


The situation is about to become explosive, run immediately to the right and take the bomb, then head towards the wall and let the bomb pass. After you've done this, run, wait for the explosion and retrace your steps to exploit the opening. You will reach a safe room where you can save, combine compatible items, take what you need from the crate and breathe a sigh of relief.

After you have taken everything you left in the box, leave the room and take the shots for the rifle (first) and the pistol (then) on the right. At this point use the crank and always turn right to reach a small house and retrieve ammunition and chemical fluid.

Then use the crank again, fight and then continue to the new safe room (you can escape if you wish).


Jack (Boss fight)

Before leaving the safe room, retrieve stimulants, grenades, fuel, rifle ammunition and grass by the stairs. Then save, watch the film and prepare to face the final form of Jack. To defeat him you won't have to work hard, just remember to always aim for the eyes, to heal when needed and not to reload at the wrong time. For the rest you just need a good aim combined with a good amount of ammunition (always use the guard!). Always stay on the move and try to disorient him from one floor to another, only then you can catch him in the most insidious places. Shot after shot the boss will fall and you will have escaped death this time too.

Mine or Zoe's?

At this point you can make a decision that will change the end of the game, you can choose to save Mia or Zoe. We don't want to make too many spoilers so we will try to say as little as possible... Saving your dear wife later you won't have to deal with her anymore, while saving Zoe you will be forced to fight her again. The sequence of events will change, but we don't want to reveal any more. Warning: to complete the game 100% you need to play both possible scenarios.


Fuse Hunt

After you have made your decision, enjoy the movie, then go on, enter the new room and watch the flashback. Use the passage on the ground, throw yourself down and at the fork take the road on the right to retrieve the ancient coin. After you have done this, retrace your steps, go left and continue, before using the stairs make sure you take the antique coin on the left.

At this point a precise sequence should start and at the end you should find yourself trapped and with no way out. First take a look at the map and the area, you should see a panel without a fuse. To retrieve it you need to enter the room to the left of the stairs, but also visit the others because you will find useful objects including a gun (beware of enemies).

At this point all you have to do is go back to the panel, insert the fuse, open the door and continue to the VHS.

Hidden truths

We mean to say as little as possible on this box as several elements of the plot are revealed. First take the ammunition for the smg in the starting room, then continue to a curve, you should find some beams and a chem pack as well as various items on the table. Go ahead and when you see two doors take the one on the left to get the smg bullets, then the one on the right to retrieve other useful items.

After you have done all this go back to the previous room and enter the air duct, listen to everything that is said and take the grass from the sink. Go back to the starting area, take out the enemies present and enter the elevator. At this point continue, use the stairs, retrieve the ammunition on the left and enter the new room. Go all the way to the bottom to retrieve the bombs, then continue, eliminate the enemies present and climb the stairs. Go straight ahead and leave the door on your right, enter the door on the left and take chemical fluid and corrosive acid (you will find it behind the gate). Go back to the door on the right and use the acid to open it, then face the numerous enemies that will appear in front of you as best you can.

Walk back to the elevator and open the doors, ignore the first to retrieve ammunition for smg, fluid, other acid, a plant and bombs. Climb up the stairs and retrieve the bombs, then continue on and slip into the hole in the wall on the right. After you've done all this, go upstairs.


The key to the captain's closet

After finishing the tape, leave the room and continue ignoring the elevator. Take the fluid in the closet, the ammunition, the grass on the table, the gunpowder inside the drawer and examine the laptop, inside the closed box there is only one coin. Return to the elevator and jump down, then use the stairs to access the next area. First retrieve the gunpowder from the cupboard, the bomb, the map in the captain's cabin, the wrench and the trigger bomb from after the ladder.

After you've done all this go back to the PC and head towards the elevator, go above the cabins and use the wrench to enter. When you are inside the cabin go up and take the survival knife, then go to the right and again to the right you should find a rescue room with several useful items, including a bomb in the room on the left.

Reach the vomit room, retrieve ammunition for the smg and enter the next room to retrieve the plant. Open the safe by turning the pictures to make the ones on the left match the ones on the right, then take the acid, go to the end of the corridor and enter the room. Go up the stairs, take bombs and pick-pick and continue entering an area divided into two parts: in the upper part you will find some fluid in the oven, an article we do not intend to talk about and gunpowder, in the lower part of the fluid in the cabinet, bombs and the key for the captain's closet (use acid when necessary).

Elevator technician

Get back in the cabin, use the key and retrieve the smg, then go to the elevator and point down, go to the recreation room and retrieve the inventory upgrade, the acid, the floor plan, the bombs in the closet and the ammunition on the bench. Continue, remove the fuse and climb up to the control room: once there, use the lock pick on the closed box to get the coin we talked about earlier. Open the closed door with the acid, go beyond the showers, recover the fluid and be very careful of the enemies present. Take the cable from the monitor and head back to the elevator, once there install cable and fuse and go to the second floor.

Continue and retrieve the ammunition in the cabinet and the bomb, then enter the room on the right and get the ammunition and bombs. Take the stairs and use the acid to open the cupboard and retrieve the coin, in the other closed cupboard you will find more bombs.

Terror in the mines

We're pretty much at the end, if you've saved Zoe you'll find yourself in front of Mia and if you haven't, you can move on. Go ahead and reach the new room, retrieve the stimulants, the ammo on the shelf and examine all the items, then save them. Leave the room and take the chemical fluid near the carts, continue killing all enemies and recovering the chemical fluid, map and ammunition in the area. Return to rescue, then go to the elevator and go down into the mines.

Use the traps present to make the Molded kill themselves, then go ahead and break the boxes to get the ammunition. At the intersection go straight ahead and take two bombs, then go left but watch out for the trap and the enemies. Go ahead and reach the cart, push it and retrieve the ammunition in the box, then climb the ladder and be very careful with the traps (do not open / unpack anything). Enter the new room, grab the grass and use the PC, then go ahead and put the sample in the case before reaching the new safe room and save.

The grand finale

Leave the room, go down the stairs and then climb up the stairs to retrieve herbs and bombs, in the room next door you will find useful ammunition. Be very careful with the enemies, there are many in this section and it's difficult to get out alive, so don't be shy with the trigger.

Go on, reach the fat Molded and take them out using the covers to protect yourself: make the most of various bombs and grenades, it won't be easy but you will get out alive (be careful because their death is quite explosive). After killing them go up, retrieve the map and save them, then continue and reach the attic after entering the passage. Cover yourself with the guard every time he throws a shot at you and run as he reloads to reach the final boss.

This fight is not at all easy, but fortunately you can use all the arsenal you have accumulated without any fear... There are no special tactics, do it with bullets.

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