Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - All 18 Easter Eggs

- Resident Evil 7 Biohazard All Easter Eggs - Resident Evil 7 is a game full of Easter Eggs. As well as being definitely scary, if your attention to detail is kept to a minimum and you turn every corner of the Baker residence you'll find some truly amazing Easter Eggs. What are they and what secrets are they hiding?


Inside the Baker house you will find a particular photo: hanging on the wall of the main hall of the villa you will see a photograph entitled "Arklay Mountains". This is the name of the mountain area around the Spencer mansion in Resident Evil 1. But the easter egg doesn't end there: in the game you'll find a secret passage and in the game you'll find it andathan will say "who made this stuff up?" In the attic you'll find a renovation contract that reveals the company that built the secret passage or Trevor & Chamberlain Costruzioni the same one that built the Resident Evil 1 villa. Below the video that shows you the exact passage you have to do:


To get access to the birthday party, you must enter a password into the keypad. The sound of the keys has the same sound effect as in Resident Evil 3.

  • 3) Easter Eggs from the movie "The House"

In Resident Evil 7 there are many references to the horror movie "the house". At the beginning of the game when you see Ethan's car and the way it will reach the Baker estate is similar to the beginning of the 1981 movie "The House". Going forward in the back of the parked van you'll see "Join Us" written in blood. This is also a reference to the film. But most of all: Ethan's wife's name is Mia, the exact same name as the main character in the film The House. Both women are also victims of a demonic possession. Finally: during the second meeting with Jack Baker we will hear him exclaim "Groovy" in Italian "da sballo". This is a clear reference to the scenes seen in the sequels of the film "la casa" where in the original language the exclamation "Groovy" is pronounced. In the video below you can find all the easter eggs belonging to the house we have just described:

  • 4) Easter Egg Resident Evil Outbreak

In the main hall of the Baker residence you can read a newspaper article entitled "more than 20 people disappeared in two years". The article is written by reporter Alyssa Ashcroft the same character of Resident Evil Outbreak.

  • 5) Easter Egg Raccon City

Inside the wrecked tanker you can find a newspaper article entitled "16 years after the nightmare of Raccon City, the survivors are still suffering." Raccon City is the imaginary city protagonist of almost all the chapters of the Resident Evil series.

  • 6) Easter Egg Street Fighter

In the children's room on the second floor you can find a book called "Fighting Street", which can be a reference to the Capcom Street Fighter fighting game. Below is a snapshot of the video showing you the easter egg:

  • 7) Easter Egg Resident Evil Director's Cut

At the beginning of each VHS cassette you can read a mysterious alphanumeric code. The numbers and letters of this code correspond to the product code of the US version of Resident Evil: Director's Cut for playstation 1 which originally also contained the Resident Evil 2 demo. Below is a snapshot of the video showing the easter egg:

  • 8) Easter Egg "The cameramen

When you take control of the cameramen at the beginning of the game after watching the videotape "abandoned house", you will be attacked by jack baker. Later, in the basement you'll find a list of people kidnapped by the Baker family. All these people are accompanied by the word "dead" or "transformed" tranner Clancy, the cameramen.

  • 9) Easter Egg Clive R O'Brian of Resident Evil Revelations

Clive R. O'Brian is a character who made his first appearance in Resident Evil Revelations as director of the BSAA. He left the position at the end of Revelations to dedicate himself to writing a new mystery novel. In Resident Evil 7 you can find Clive's new book entitled "The Unveiler Abyss" in the living room of the Baker residence.

  • 10) Easter Egg Albert Wesker

At the end of the game, Ethan receives a powerful gun called the Albert-01R. If you look at it closely, you'll see that it's a custom version of the Beretta 92F "Samurai Edge" designed specifically for members of the Raccon City Special Forces S.T.A.R.S.
This weapon was used in the past by Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. Just the name of the gun that we will receive at the end of the game is a clear reference to Albert Westker, the main antagonist of the series.

  • 11) Easter Egg Dead Rising

Scattered around the Baker residence you can find books entitled "wartime Photojournalism". It can be assumed that it is a reference to Frank West, one of the main characters of the Capcom series Dead Rising. Frank West is in fact a freelance journalist who has also worked on war reportages. Here below a snapshot of the video showing Frank West's easter egg

  • 12) Easter Egg Chris Redfield

At the end of the game you will be saved by an Umbrella mercenary who presents himself as "Redfield". Doesn't anything ring in your head? It could be our beloved Chris Redfield, protagonist of many episodes of the Resident Evil saga.

  • 13) Easter Egg 1408 (Film by Stephen King)

To access the birthday party the password you'll need to enter is 1408. This number is a reference to the movie 1408: the movie is based on a novel by Stephen King and one of its alternative endings. From the video you can see the comparison between the scenes of Resident Evil and the alternative ending of the movie 1408.

  • 14) New Logo Umbrella corporation

In the final scene of the game it is revealed that the Umbrella Corporation has a new logo! In the picture below you can see it:

  • 15) Easter Egg movie "Planet of the Apes"

After injecting Eveline with the serum she will scream "Damn you all to hell"! This is a clear reference to the movie "Planet of the Apes" and the famous scene of the Statue of Liberty. In the Italian scene in the film, instead, "damn you all to hell" is shouted. In the Italian dinner of the game instead screams "no, no, no". So in fact in the Italian version this easter egg does not exist.

  • 16) Easter Egg The Blair Witch Project

At the end of the VHS cassette "Abandoned House" you will find Andre Stickland in front of a wall in the basement. Andre Stickland had disappeared after entering the guest house as seen on the videotape. This could be a reference to the final scene of The Blair Witch Project, the cult movie of 1999. At the end of the film, the protagonist finds her friend in front of him in a corner in the basement of the abandoned house.

  • 17) Easter Egg Film "Don't open that door".

At some point in the game you will find Ethan tied to a table with the Baker family trying to feed Ethan with pieces of the organs of various human victims. This part of the game is probably inspired by the famous scene of the 1970 cult movie "don't open that door" where the main character of the movie, Sally, is forced to eat human flesh for dinner.

  • 18) Easter Egg Special Rewards

There are special rewards in Resident Evil 7. Two of these rewards can be unlocked if you finish the game within 4 hours. Here's what it's all about: X-ray glasses, which have the same effect as psychostimulants, and the circular saw that can be used against enemies as a weapon.

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