Resident Evil 4 Cheats PS2

Resident Evil 4, which in Japan is known as Biohazard 4, is a survival horror video game developed by Capcom and published by the same software house in 2005 for PS2.

RE4 represents a true and its turning point within the Resident Evil series, this is because the classic zombies of the first chapters are replaced here by Los Ganados, infected enemies, infected by a mysterious parasite which makes them faster than normal zombies.
Enemies thus become more insidious and dangerous, with the pace of the game increasing accordingly and tipping the scales of the game more towards action horror than a video game in which solving puzzles matters. Precisely for this reason in Resident Evil 4 it was increased the number of weapons you can carry by the protagonist, as well as the healing objects and ammunition, which instead were sipped in the other chapters of the saga. The shot is also changing, now fixed behind the player character, with the player who can therefore instantly realize the dangers and threats around him.

The protagonist of the game is Leon Scott Kennedy, one of the few survivors of Raccoon City. He must rescue the president's daughter, Ashley Graham, all while a terrorist group threatens the world with a potentially lethal parasite called Las Plagas.


When Dr. Salvador is about to attack you, take two steps back and hit him in the head, perhaps with a knife.

To get extra money at the beginning of the game, get on the boat in the lake and spear the fish that populate it. Once caught, take them to the merchant.

Professional Difficulty - Complete the main game once
Ashley Knight Costume - Complete Separates Mode
Leon Bandit Costume - Complete Separates Mode
Mercenaries - Complete the main game once

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