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    Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough & Guides

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    Below are a variety of tips, tricks, and tactics needed to beat the horrors that stalk the streets of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3. Missing a weapon accessory? We will help you find it. Need more inventory space? We have your back. All of the items below are organized for your convenience, so you should find what you need to easily survive this living nightmare. Welcome to Resident Evil 3: Your Nemesis awaits.

    General Guides

    How to save

    How to heal

    How to combine herbs

    How to craft ammunition

    How to craft grenade ammo

    Comment Dodge et Perfect Dodge

    How to permanently kill zombies

    How to get weapon attachments

    How to beat Nemesis (every boss battle)

    Key article guides

    Hip Pocket Locations - How To Expand Your Inventory (Spoilers)

    How to put out the fire, where to find the fire hose

    Where to find bolt cutters

    Where to find the lock and how to open locked doors

    Where and how to get the shotgun

    How to get a semi-automatic barrel for the shotgun

    How to get the Red Dot Sight for the handgun

    How to get an extended magazine for the handgun

    How to get the moderator for the handgun

    Where to find the locker room key

    Where to find the battery and how to use it

    Where to find and how to get the hospital ID card

    Where to find the tape and what to do with the tape drive

    Where to find and how to get the Magnum

    How to make the vaccine

    Puzzles and codes

    Bobblehead locations, where the Bobbleheads are

    All security codes and locker combinations

    Pharmacy owner security code

    Metro route solution

    How to get jewelry, how to solve a jewelry puzzle

    Western Office Security Code

    Combination of RPD lockers on the third floor

    RPD cloakroom locker suit

    Nurse station security code

    How to enter the hospital courtyard

    Hunt for the Fuses Walkthrough

    After game

    List of recordings: What are records

    How to access the store, what's in the store

    How to get S rank, what are the S rank requirements

    How to unlock Nightmare mode, what is Nightmare mode

    How to unlock Inferno mode, what is Inferno mode

    How to unlock Jill STARS Costume, How to change costumes

    How to unlock an Infinite MUP handgun

    How to unlock the Hot Dogger Knife

    How to unlock the Samurai Edge pistol

    How to unblock RAI-DEN

    How to unlock the Infinite CQBR assault rifle

    How to unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher


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