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In this guide we will cover a good strategy to be able to overcome the two phases of the final battle against the Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

First phase

When the fight begins, quickly move to the decaying piles on your left to grab the first aid spray and pistol ammo. Turn around and stare the camera on the Nemesis to anticipate its attacks.

Fortunately for us, it is clear when it is about to strike. He will wrap his arm to perform a wide range strike or a downward attack. It will also briefly pump both arms to the ground before lunging at you to freeze you.

A good strategy to use against him is to induce him to launch attacks. Stay in motion as you move sideways to create some distance from him. After his failed attack attempt, counterattack with your weapons.

Your window to damage it is usually enough for about three shots using the fucile M3 before starting to stay on the defensive again. Alternatively you can use two shots of grenade launcher.

The timing of your dodge it's also a good way to avoid the Nemesis' attacks, especially its lunge. You can grab more items from the decaying piles as the fight continues.

After doing enough damage, Carlos will arrive. The Nemesis will hide in one of the acid reservoirs at the top of the arena as zombies appear in the area.

Listen to Carlos to find out which tank the Nemesis is hiding in and shoot his two light panels to damage the boss. This leaves it open for later attacks before it can stand up and attack you.

You can also quickly eliminate the zombies that appear before Carlos tells you the location of the Nemesis. Note that if you take too long to shoot the acid tank you will allow the Nemesis to ambush you and attack you.

As the fight progresses you will have to shoot the panels faster as the boss will give you less time to do so before he hits from above. Once defeated you will have time to rest and save to prepare you for the second phase and the final fight against the creature.

Second phase

Remember to collect everything nearby and prepare yourself properly. After the cutscene, get ready to face Nemesis one last time.

When the fight begins, turn around and use the giant railgun that you find behind you to shoot the boss. Next, you'll need to recharge the railgun by pushing the three red power generators into the wall.

Nemesis has a series of attacks at this stage. It will fire acid gas which will damage you when you come into contact with it. He can also perform huge arm strokes that can be avoided with a perfect dodge.

In addition, at the highest difficulties not only will each of his attacks hurt you more but will make attack combos increasingly complex and difficult to dodge. This will make it more difficult to push the three generators into the wall.

To give you time to push the cores, shoot the glowing circular masses that grow on the Nemesis, the best weapon to use is definitely the magnum but the gun found in the hospital (three-shot burst) will also be very useful.

After deleting them, the Nemesis will be temporarily stunned. Be careful because his massive body falling to the ground can harm you if you are within range.

Also, depending on the difficulty, the time that the Nemesis will remain stunned can be much shorter. After pushing all the power generators into the wall, the railgun will be usable again. Shoot again to finish the Nemesis.

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