Resident Evil 2 Remake: Trophies and Achievements Guide

One of the most anticipated games is without a shadow of a doubt Resident Evil 2 Remake . Since the announcement trailer, Capcom has been keen to "shine" one of the most precious gems of its gaming past, attracting the interest and enthusiasm of millions of gamers around the world.

Less than twenty days after the release of one of the survival horror par excellence, has leaked on the net the list of trophies and objectives that the title will have. Respecting those that are the directives Capcom, which has expressly requested to publish each guide only after the official release, in the following lines we will describe the activities that we will have to carry out to get the much coveted platinum trophy.

How to get the platinum trophy of Resident Evil 2 Remake

Let's start by saying that, in order to get all the trophies and achievements in Resident Evil 2 Remake , you'll have to perform both old and new actions. What we're facing, in fact, is not a remake in the classic sense of the term, but it's as if Capcom has, in some respects, re-imagined one of its most iconic titles.

The game will provide us with 42 trophies, including 28 bronze, 9 silver, 4 gold and the ever-present platinum trophy. As in the 2002 videogame, we will have the chance to play both as Leon and Claire in this remake. Each character will have two different scenarios, where the second will be unlockable only if you have completed the game with the other protagonist.

Unlike the original version of the title, we won' Resident Evil 2 Remake t have a fixed camera, but a "shoulder" camera, similar to what we saw in Resident Evil 4.

If you're looking for the platinum trophy, we'll tell you right away that getting all the achievements of the Capcom title won't be an impossible feat, but it's going to take some time.

Complete the game at a simple difficulty and collect all the collectibles

First of all, you should know that you'll have to do at least 4 runs in the game, but it's much easier that you'll end up with at least 6 runs. Each campaign has its own collectables, and for this reason you'll have to pay close attention to the various scenarios that you'll be exploring or, alternatively, consult our collectables guide.

Our advice is to start the first run using Leon, keeping the difficulty level "Assisted" set. The reason for this choice is soon said: from about halfway through the game onwards, Tyrant will start chasing you, making a quiet exploration of the stages virtually impossible. However, at the difficulty level mentioned above, the monster will move more slowly, allowing you to collect all the collectables.

Please also note that the [enter name] and [enter name] trophies can only be unlocked using Leon and Claire, respectively.

After completing Leon's scenario A, start Claire's scenario A, then tackle both characters' B-scenarios. By destroying all the Mr. Raccoon you'll find in your adventure, you'll unlock an indestructible knife, which will prove to be very useful in the higher difficulty runs.

Precisely for this reason, we suggest you collect all the collectible items in these first runs.

You get the Grade S and unlimited ammunition for the Samurai Edge pistol.

Obtaining the Grade S will require you to complete the game within a time limit. Please note: Grade S trophies will not unlock if you play at the "Assisted" difficulty level, but will only be available at the "Standard" and "Extreme" levels. Below, we show you the maximum time to get this Rank with both Leon and Claire:

  • Leon [Scenario A] and Claire [Scenario A]: 3 hours 30 minutes at Standard difficulty; 2 hours 30 minutes at Extreme difficulty;
  • Leon [Scenario B] and Claire [Scenario B]: 3 hours at Standard difficulty; 2 hours at Extreme difficulty;

Don't be scared: although these time limits may seem tight, if you know your way around, you won't have any problem in obtaining the Grade S. Obtaining this Rank will also guarantee you access to a Samurai Edge pistol with infinite ammunition.

This weapon can be used in all other runs, even those with extreme difficulty, making your life much easier.

Complete the game at Extreme Difficulty Level

After completing the "Assisted" difficulty runs, after finishing the "Extreme" difficulty runs, and having obtained both the indestructible knife and the gun with infinite ammunition, it's time to try your hand at the highest level of difficulty. You will have to complete two more runs, one with Leon and one with Claire, at this difficulty.

After you've done what you've just written, you'll need to complete "Fourth Survivor" mode at least once.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


The City of the Living Dead

Get to the police station.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, it will be impossible to miss.

Blessed by the Goddess

Solve the riddle of the statue of the Goddess.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, it will be impossible to miss.

Escaping the nightmare

Escape from the police station.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game will be impossible to miss.

Mysterious Woman

Complete Ada's section.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game (Leon's), it will be impossible to miss.


Complete the Sherry section.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game (Claire's), it will be impossible to miss.

I need a shower

Get out of the sewer.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, it will be impossible to miss.

The basics of survival

Combine two objects.

This trophy will be obtained, by necessity, during the very first stages of the game, where you will be asked to combine two key objects such as, for example, medical herbs. You only need to combine two compatible items to unlock the achievement.

I need space

Increase your inventory slots.

You can increase the available space in your inventory well six times during the course of the game plot. What you will have to do is collect the bags that you will find at certain points in the stages.

For more details, we recommend that you consult our collectables guide to find out the exact location of Resident Evil 2 Remake all the bags.

Lover of modifications

Modify a weapon.

During your adventure, you'll find different parts of weapons, especially in the various safes (which are among the collectables required for the platinum trophy). In this case, all you'll have to do is combine one of these pieces with your weapons.

White Weapon

Eliminate an enemy using the knife.

You will come into possession of a knife in the very early stages of the game. In order to kill an enemy with this weapon, all you have to do is hold down the L1 button and press the L2 button to set your cleavers. Be careful: by using the knife you will not only suffer damage, but the knife may also break.

However, don't worry too much: you'll find plenty of knives in the various stages of the game.

Suck it!

Counterattack with a secondary weapon.

The moment you are in possession of a knife, a grenade or a blinding bomb, you can counterattack with one of these weapons simply by pressing the L1 button.


Use wooden boards to bar a window.

Inside the police station in Raccoon City, you will find wooden planks in plain sight. Use them to bar the windows and the trophy will be yours.

Raccoon hunt

Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.

We refer you to the description of the silver trophy "Species Extinct" for this achievement.

Walking Burglary

Open a portable safe deposit box.

In Resident Evil 2 Remake you can find two portable safe deposit boxes: one in the showers and another in the laundry room in the Police Station. To unlock them, you'll have to press a sequence of eight buttons, which will be different for each player.


Open a safe.

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our guide to Resident Evil 2 Remake .

Enjoy your meal

Shoot a grenade you shoved in an enemy's mouth.

You'll probably get this trophy without even realizing it. By keeping a grenade or stun grenade equipped as a secondary weapon, you can place one in the mouth of an undead man by counterattacking with the L1 button. Doing so, your enemy will stagger for a few seconds: these are the moments you'll have to use to fire on the grenade, making it explode and unlock the achievement.

If in doubt, please see the attached video.


Kill more than 3 enemies at once with a secondary weapon.

To get the trophy in question all you have to do is use a grenade against a group of at least three zombies. The weapon in question, if used well, will kill them instantly, thus unlocking the trophy.

If in doubt, please see the attached video.


Shoot a zombie dog or a Licker while it's in the air.

To achieve the achievement in question, we recommend that you use zombie dogs, which you will find in the Police Station garage immediately after turning off the power. Keep them under fire with your weapon (preferably a shotgun or automatic weapon) and fire when they jump.

If in doubt, check out the attached video.


Tastes like a Licker.

To get this trophy, all you have to do is use a stun grenade on a Licker. You'll find one on the second floor of the Police Station, while you're on your way to the S.T.A.R.S. office, where you'll find one of these bombs.

If in doubt, please see the attached video.

Hat off!

Drop the Tyrant's hat by shooting him in the head.

Immediately after you've put out the fire you'll find on the roof of the Police Station, you'll make the acquaintance of Tyrant, also known as Mr. X. All you have to do to get the trophy in question is simply aim and shoot at the hat that the monster will be wearing, making it fly away.

If in doubt, please see the attached video.

Treasure hunter

Find 2 hidden objects using photo clues.

In order to get this trophy, you will first have to find the film, which you can find on the laboratory table in the Sewers. Once you have it, all you have to do is go back to the Police Station, reach the Darkroom and develop the photos, which will give you the clues you need to find the hidden objects.

The objects in question will be hidden, respectively, in the Press Room (located on the first floor of the Police Station) and the S.T.A.R.S. Office (on the second floor of the Police Station).


Expand your inventory slots to the maximum.

To maximize your inventory slots, you'll need to find all the bags scattered throughout the various stages of the game. To do this, we refer you to our collectables guide.

Super Spy

Use only the EMF Detector to finish Ada's section.

This trophy can only be obtained during Leon's campaign. To unlock the "Super Spy" achievement, you'll have to finish Ada Wong's section without using her gun. What this means now is that you'll have to hack all the electronic devices you find by pressing the R2 button.

In this regard, we recommend that you make a manual rescue immediately after defeating the Crocodile. If you have any doubts, please see the attached video.

On the run!

In Sherry's section, escape from the bedroom within 60 seconds.

This trophy is only achievable during Claire's campaign, and is one of the easiest to miss. To unlock it, you'll have to solve the Sherry section within 60 seconds, but there is a way you can easily get around this obstacle.

First, make a manual rescue before you start solving the enigma of Chief Iron's "Private Collection Room". As Sherry, you'll have to solve a puzzle whose solution, unfortunately, is completely random; for this very reason, it's very difficult that you'll be able to solve it within the required 60 seconds.

However, once you've found the solution, you can return to the main menu and click "Continue". This way, you'll be back as Sherry, the seconds counter will be reset to zero, but the puzzle solution will always be the same!

As soon as you solve the riddle, take the scissors, open a path to freedom and, if you have solved everything within 60 seconds, you will get the trophy.

If you have time, don't wait for time.

Defeat G (stage 4) with at least 4 minutes to detonation.

This is the final boss of Claire's campaign, so you'll only get this trophy in its history. It won't be a particularly difficult fight to complete, especially if you use the minigun, which our heroine will get right in conjunction with this match.

In the blink of an eye

Defeat the Super Tyrant with at least 5 minutes to detonation.

He's the final boss of Leon's campaign, so you'll only get this trophy in his story. Our advice is to use the weapons capable of inflicting the most damage, as well as the rocket launcher, which you'll find just before the fight.

Avid Reader

Read all the documents.

During your (dis)adventures in Resident Evil 2 Remake , you'll find a lot of documents to read, some only available in certain runs with a specific character. In order not to miss any of them, we refer you to our Capcom game collectables guide.

Mr. Death

Complete the extra mode "The 4th survivor".

We have arrived at one of the most difficult trophies of Resident Evil 2 Remake . This time, you'll have to dress as Hunk, and make your way through the sewers of Raccoon City, until you reach the Police Station. It goes without saying that, of course, all the shorter roads will be blocked and that, of course, your path will not be easy at all.

This game mode will test all your skills, and will also require a fair amount of luck to be brought to completion.

Our suggestions are not to equip any defensive objects in the early stages of your journey, reserving them for when you arrive at the Police Station, where you will find a real festival of zombies waiting for you. The same goes for grenades, the only way to wipe out more than one undead at a time.

You will have only four weapons available, but our suggestion is to prefer the shotgun: use the gunpowder in your possession to make bullets of this type of weapon. With a little patience, this trophy will be yours.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


Birth of a hero

Complete Leon's story.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, it will be impossible to miss.

Birth of a heroine

It completes Claire's story.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, it will be impossible to miss.

Umbrella is defeated

Look at the real ending.

To get the real Resident Evil 2 finale, all you have to do is complete a Scenario A run of one of the two protagonists. In this way, you'll unlock the other character's Scenario B which, once completed, will reveal the real ending of the plot.

Got it!

Defeat G (stage2) using the crane only once.

Again, we are faced with a highly missable trophy. We recommend that you make a manual save immediately after inserting all the chess pieces into the monitor room of the Sewers of Raccoon City.

In order to defeat this boss, you must first reach the platform with a container on top of it, which you can remove by pressing a red button.

Once you've done this, unload all your ammunition onto the boss and, when you're about to run out, stagger it and call up the container, which, hitting it hard, will throw G into the abyss. To get the trophy, you must have only recalled the container once. If the boss survives this blow, it means he hasn't lost enough life yet, and you'll have to start all over again from the beginning.

If in doubt, watch the attached video.

Extinct species

Destroy all Mr. Raccoon.

In Resident Evil 2 Remake , there will be 15 statues of Mr. Raccoon, the cute mascot of the most haunted city in the videogame world. Our goal will be to find and destroy them all, but be careful: some of them will only be available in certain runs with a certain character. If you don't want to miss any Mr. Raccoon, check out our game's collectables guide.


Open all the safes and locks in the game.

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our guide to the safes of Resident Evil 2 Remake .

Allergic to drugs

Complete the game without using a healing object.

Leave this trophy for last, and run at the "Assisted" difficulty level. This way, you'll already be in possession of the gun with infinite ammunition and your health will regenerate up to 50% automatically. All this, of course, will make your life easier.


Complete the game without opening the object box.

Also in this case, we suggest you to get the achievement in question at difficulty "Assisted", as you will not be able to count on weapons with infinite ammunition that, in fact, can be obtained from the object crates. The only means at your disposal will be to maximize your inventory, so as to bring as many items as possible.

Long live laziness

Take 14,000 steps or less in a single playthrough.

To get this trophy, you'll simply have to avoid "walking in circles". Focus only on the achievement in question, avoiding any other activity, so that you are within the 14,000 steps required.

You can unlock the trophy in both scenario A and B of a single character. Scenarios B are shorter, but the achievement can also be easily achieved in Scenarios A.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


Leon "S." Kennedy

Complete Leon's story in "Standard" or "Extreme" mode with grade S.

We refer the way of obtaining this trophy to the "Extraordinary Heroine" achievement.

Extraordinary Heroine

Complete Claire's story in "Standard" or "Extreme" mode with grade S.

Obtaining the S Grade will require, as mentioned in the opening, the completion of the game plot within a time limit, respectively:

  • Leon [Scenario A] and Claire [Scenario A]: 3 hours and 30 minutes at Standard difficulty; 2 hours and 30 minutes at Extreme difficulty;
  • Leon [Scenario B] and Claire [Scenario B]: 3 hours at Standard difficulty; 2 hours at Extreme difficulty;

In this case, you'll need to keep certain suggestions in mind. Whenever you are in doubt about what to do, pause the game; in this way, you will block the timer.

Secondly, should you die, never choose to continue or load the last save, but always return to the main menu and load the last save. This is the only way to avoid losing precious time by restarting the counter at the value it had at the time of saving.

Also, divide the game into segments: whenever you think you have lost time, do not hesitate to go back to the main menu and load the last save you made.

Remember, of course, that to get the trophies in question you will have to play at least at the "Standard" difficulty level.

Extreme training

Complete Leon's story in "Extreme" mode.

We postpone the way of obtaining this trophy to the "Extreme Search" achievement.

Extreme Search

Complete Claire's story in "Extreme" mode.

The "Extreme" mode is the toughest one in Resident Evil 2 Remake . Few ammo, no health regenerating and more damage suffered by enemies, who can kill you with just two shots, and much less ink ribbons with which to save your progress.

Again, we have a few tips to give you.

First of all, do not even dare to start this game mode without being in possession of the indestructible knife and the gun with infinite ammunition, obtainable after taking all the collectables of the game. Second, don't focus on killing your enemies at all costs: just shoot them in the head until they stagger and then get over them without too much excitement.

In this way you can save both ammunition and time, as you can also aim for the S Grade.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Trophies and Achievements Guide


Native of Raccoon City

You get all the trophies.

If you have come this far, it means that you got all the trophies of Resident Evil 2 Remake . Congratulations! You have unlocked the platinum Capcom title trophy!

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There are Merits common to Leon and Claire and others that can only be achieved by one of the 2.The Merits are stacked between games: if you open seven closed boxes in one game, when you open the missing one in another you will achieve the Merit.More elements...-25 Jan two thousand nineteen

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