Resident Evil 2 PS1 cheats and codes

Resident Evil 2, which in Japan is known as Biohazard 2, is a genre video game action / survival horror developed by Capcom and published for Sony PlayStation in 1998.

Follow-up to the first RE, this second chapter stars Leon and Claire, fleeing the US city of Raccoon City, where a deadly epidemic has broken out caused by an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company, the Umbrella Corporation. The purpose of this company is to make mountains of money and to achieve this the bosses of the pharmaceutical group do not hesitate to spread a virus that transforms a large part of the population into fearful and scary zombie
The player explores numerous and sometimes vast environments ranging from police stations to homes, from laboratories to public buildings, passing through narrow alleys or streets in the heart of the city. In addition to eliminating the zombies that stand before us, a goal in itself not easy, we will also have to solve puzzles of various kinds and collect objects. These include firearms and hand-to-hand weapons and items such as ammunition and med kits.

The plot of Resident Evil 2 is set about 2 months after the events of the first chapter, in the month of September. The survivors of the first attack have warned the authorities about what happened, but the administration is deaf to the appeals of the game's protagonists, Claire Redfield (sister of one of the characters of the first Resident Evil) and Leon Scott Kennedy, policeman of the RPD (Raccoon City Police Department).


Complete Scenario 2 on normal difficulty in less than 3 hours with a score of A or B.
Complete Scenario 2 on normal difficulty in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes with a score of A or B.

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